Top Colleges For Master’s In UX Design In Canada: Eligibility & Process

Canada has one of the most popular tech sectors in the world. As it continues to develop, the demand for UX designers is also increasing. If you have a keen interest in creating new and user-friendly experiences, you must opt for a Master’s degree in UX Design. Universities in Canada give you a great opportunity to gain experience in the real world. You can opt for internships and practical sessions to get in-hand training in UX designs for any application.

Best Universities that Offer Master’s in UX Design in Canada

Some of the top universities that offer Master’s in UX Design in Canada are:

Name of the University QS Ranking Course Fees (CAD)
Humber College NA 13,335
Fleming College Of Applied Arts and Technology NA 12,566 – 18,850
Emily Carr University of Art and Design NA 12,566 – 18,850
Fairleigh Dickinson University NA 25,133 – 31,417
McMaster University 69 25,133 – 31,417
OCAD University 101-150 NA
HEC Montréal 141-150 28,800
University Of Waterloo 247 12,566 – 18,850
University of Victoria 399 6,283 – 12,566 CAD
University of Saskatchewan 484 6,283 – 12,566 CAD
Carleton University 517 6,283 – 12,566 CAD
University Of Windsor 798 6,283 – 12,566 CAD
University of Regina 941 12,566 – 18,850 CAD
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Course Structure of Master’s in UX Design in Canada

UX Design is a very technical course. However, it requires interdisciplinary approaches for a detailed understanding.In most universities, the course is divided into two or three semesters. In the first one, you get an introductory session along with the basics of UX design and experiences. The second semester includes advanced subjects, while the third one is typically about developing the final project. Although the curriculum varies in different universities, there are some compulsory subjects. For instance:

  • UX Data Analysis
  • User Experience Research
  • UX Prototyping
  • Managing the User-Centred Design Development Cycle
  • User Experience Design: User Interface, User Empathy, Sociology

How to Apply for a Master’s in UX Design in Canada?

The process of applying for an Master’s in UX Design in Canada is the same as any other college application. However, you need to keep in mind certain things before applying to colleges in Canada.

  • Canadian universities do not prefer cross-major.
  • If you have done your Bachelor’s in another subject that is not related to UX design. There are chances that your application might get pushed back.
  • However, if you have the strong will to get your Master’s degree, you can work and gain experience in the same field. Having a minimum of 6 months of work experience can also make you eligible for the course.

Step By Step Guide for the Application Process

Individuals who wish to apply for a Master’s in UX Design in Canada to follow:

  • Choose Your University

The first step is to find a university that matches all your requirements. While shortlisting the university, you must consider certain specific factors. For instance-

  • Tuition fees
  • Subjects offered
  • Course duration
  • World ranking/ QS ranking
  • Intake session
  • Scopes provided by the university
  • Check the University-Specific Requirements

After you have chosen the university, the next step is to check any specific requirements mentioned by the university. Some of the general rules might include-

  • IELTS/TOEFL score for international students.
  • A few months of work experience in the same field.
  • Register Yourself

It is always essential to register yourself through the university’s official website. However, this can be an optional step as well. Ensure that you have accurately filled in all the required information.

  • Upload the Required Documents

To confirm your application, you will require to upload specific documents. This includes the following:

  • Academic transcripts and mark sheets
  • IELTS/ TOEFL scores
  • CV
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Extra curriculum certificates
  • A statement of purpose (SOP)
  • Pay the Registration Fees

And at the end of the application process, you will need to pay the registration fees. These are the basic steps for application. Nevertheless, some universities might need a few other requirements. To make sure whether you need anything else for your admission, it is always better to check the university website.

Scope after Master’s in UX Design in Canada

Career options for a UXD student are quite varied. After your Master’s in UX Design in Canada, you can choose your career path from abundant options. Here are some popular career choices for a User Experience Design student. Career options for a UXD student are quite varied. After your Master’s in UX Design in Canada, you can choose your career path from abundant options. Here are some popular career choices for a User Experience Design student.

  • User Experience Designer – is responsible for creating appealing designs for websites to improve their feel.
  • Visual Designer – is someone who creates designs and layouts for digital projects. Their role is to create engaging and user-friendly designs.
  • Product Designer – is one of the most common job profiles in the UXD industry.
  • UX Writer – creates informative buttons and forms for users to have a seamless experience on the web.
  • Information Architect – has the responsibility to attract the targeted audiences by means of scoping, construction and web content optimization.
  • User Researcher – explores new and upcoming trends to understand the users’ interaction better.

Benefits of Studying in Canada 

In Canada, international students get several benefits. One of the major advantages of studying here is that you can quickly get a student visa. Unlike other countries, this process is much more efficient.Students plan for their higher education in Canada because it comes with many perks. For instance:

  • Along with the top-notch education facilities, you also get to experience the multicultural ambience.
  • You can also get a post-study- work permit in Canada.
  • In Canada, students can live cost-effectively without giving up on higher living standards.
  • If you choose to complete your Master’s from a Canadian University, you will get a globally recognised degree.
  • Along with on-job experience, you will also get introduced to numerous job opportunities in Canada.

Scholarships For Higher Education in Canada

Scholarships can reduce your education expenses and cut your costs to a large extent. Below mentioned are some of the scholarships offered in Canada for Higher Education.

Scholarship Program Provided By
Vanier Canada Scholarship The Government of Canada
Ontario Graduate Scholarship Provincial government
University of Waterloo International Master’s and Doctoral Awards University of Waterloo
Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships for International Students Fairleigh Dickinson University
University of Calgary Graduate Awards University of Calgary
Queen’s University International Scholarships Queen’s University in Kingston
University of Saskatchewan International Student Awards University of Saskatchewan
Simon Fraser University Financial Aid and Awards Simon Fraser University.
University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships University of Manitoba
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Opting for a Master’s degree in User Design is a great decision if you have all the required skills and passion for it. This industry is now booming and will generate enough job opportunities for young degree holders. Now that you have all the information on Master’s in UX Design in Canada. You can start your preparations to get into your dream university.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are UX designers in demand in Canada?

    Canada’s tech sectors are ever developing. As per recent research, Toronto is considered the fastest growing technology market. Thus, the demand for UX designers also keeps on increasing.

  • What are the popular UX design study programs in Canada?

    Apart from a Master’s in UX Design in Canada, there are numerous study programs offered in Canadian universities. Some of the popular programs are – Postgraduate Certificate in User Experience (UX) Design, Master of Arts for emphasis on human factors, Master of Applied Science for emphasis on new media technology and design, Master’s in Inclusive Design, Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Technology & Design, and Master’s in Design for Health.

  • Is UX Design in demand in Canada?

    According to research, each year of UX experience increases your basic pay by roughly $1900. Therefore, if it takes two years to earn a master’s degree, there is no greater advantage than gaining two years of real-world work experience.

  • How to Enrol in UX Design Programs in Canada

    Cross-majoring is not permitted in Canada, meaning that the country’s educational system does not favour accepting applications from international students for study programmes unrelated to their prior education. For instance, if you already hold a bachelor’s degree in financial management, Canadian universities and colleges may reject your admission to study UX/UI design there. However, aspirants may be qualified to enrol in UX/UI design programmes in Canada if they have at least six months of relevant work experience, in this case, in the UX/UI design field.

  • How much does a fresher ux designer earn in Canada?

    In Canada, the typical ui ux designer makes $75,000 a year, or $38.46 an hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $107,250 year, while entry-level roles start at $51,720.

  • Does UX involve coding?

    No, coding is not typically required of UX designers (at least not at an advanced level). They still stand to gain from learning about and appreciating what developers do.

  • Is UX a good career?

    UX design is a rewarding career, yes. UX Designers are among the most sought-after jobs in technology because they are involved in many phases of a project’s life cycle. According to 87 per cent of hiring managers, finding UX Designers is a top priority.