4 Strong Reasons Why You Should Have Your Master’s Degree Abroad

It seems like a very popular thing nowadays amongst many people to travel abroad for their masters degree. If you did your Bachelors degree in your home country, you can give that certificate and CV a major boost by adding an internationally awarded Masters degree to the mix.

People have discovered the wide array of benefits that come with studying for your Masters in a highly ranked foreign country and lots of people are running abroad for the opportunity. You really should too.

But if you are not really grabbing the gist of this ‘Masters Abroad” thing, this article is for you.

Reasons Why You Should Have Your Masters Degree Abroad

Below, we will be listing and explaining a good number of reasons why having your Masters abroad could be a good thing and can be seen as an icing on the cake for you. Let’s check them out.

1. Take advantage of the many scholarship awards and fundings

Depending on the country in which you wish to study or the university, there are lots of scholarships awards that you can take advantage of.

Many graduate students are scared of the high tuition fees that they will have to pay abroad for their Master’s, so they are thereby discouraged from pursuing it. But really, that’s not an excuse.

There are thousands of scholarship fundings for students that want to go for Master’s especially for foreign students.

Also, if you are applying to study for your Masters in Europe for instance, there are many public universities all over Europe that are totally free to attend. That is, students pay very low to ‘no’ tuition at all. For example, studying in Norway whether as a foreign or local student is free. There is no tuition to be paid for their public universities. So when the options of scholarship fundings and free tuition are available, why will you not go for your Masters abroad? This point is enough reason why you should!

2. Be more independent and experience new cultures

That feeling of sadness knowing that you will be leaving your family, network of friends, social life and home country behind is what holds back a lot of people from giving their Master’s a shot abroad. Many graduate students are terrified of change so they prefer to remain where they are than face new challenges.

But the thing is, challenges help you to grow stronger. Just like a popular saying goes, ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger‘.

That quote applies very much to studying abroad. All the new things you will be experiencing are simply a part of growth. You get to be more independent than ever before. What’s not to love? If they speak a different language in the country, then you also have the benefit of learning a new language.

Going for your Master’s degree abroad is a very, very smart decision that you will come to appreciate later.

3. Add value to your CV.

Do you know that if you choose to have your Master’s degree abroad, you can work while doing it? yes, you can! What this means is that you will have an international work experience. By the time you return to your home country with an international Master’s degree certificate and also an international work experience, you will be an hot cake!

Employers will not be able to resist your application to work in their company. Why? Because you will be of such high value, that the employer does not want to miss out.

Usually when employers are hiring, applicants with foreign experience are usually favored better. Having your Master’s degree in a recognized university from a foreign country like Canada, Germany, UK, USA, is even more added advantage. Do you really want to miss out on this benefit?

4. Discover new passions, hobbies and interests

While studying for your Masters in the host country, you might be introduced to new courses and topics that you are not familiar with. But over time, you could end up falling in love with these new subjects. Studying for your Master’s abroad will broaden your horizon and give you so many new things to be fascinated with.

You get to learn about the history of the host country, the language, the culture, their politics, their literature, and so much more. Also, you will get to visit lots of natural environmental wonders as well as historical sites.

In conclusion, the four reasons given above are really solid enough reasons for you to truly give your Master’s abroad a try. Honestly, taking the bold step is not easy but at the end of the day, only the bold ones will benefit. Good luck.