Biden’s First Year Brings Modest Changes to Immigration Policy

As a presidential candidate last year, Joe Biden challenged the Trump administration’s repressive policies and agreed to provide comprehensive reforms that would reaffirm America’s commitment to asylum seekers and refugees. As Biden’s first year at the White House came to an end, his immigration history marked a major breakthrough as a change.

Perhaps his departure from the previous government, President Biden ordered a halt to construction of the wall near the US-Mexico border shortly after his ascension to power.

But many of Trump’s age-old buildings have stopped. The Biden government has proposed Article 42, a policy linked to the disease that mandates the immediate elimination of immigrants as a public health issue, especially as the United States opens its borders to Mexico and Canada. And a federal court order forced a renewal of the previous immigration system that kept asylum seekers at the Mexican border while they waited for the U.S. Immigration Courts, known as the Immigration Protection Services (MPP).

Immigrant activists say Biden introduced some human beings to the American moral system but gave it to a minority.

Immigrants traveling by car to the United States, travel to Mexico City to seek asylum and refugee status at Villa Comaltitlan, Chiapas, Mexico, on October 28, 2021.

“This government is required to fulfill the MPP, Title 42, to release children and families in custody and to initiate a change not only in history but to have a comprehensive plan for reforming the border protection system.” “But in practice, we can still see some of Trump’s legacy at the border,” he told VOA in El Paso, Texas. That has not changed and we regret that it still exists. has happened. ”

US-Mexico border and asylum seeker

In addition to completing the construction of the border wall – a project signed by former President Donald Trump – Beden, in fact, the MPP order came to a standstill shortly after its launch in January.

The US state of Texas, a Republican state bordering Mexico, has accused the Biden government of allowing the policy to exist. In August, a federal judge ruled that the Biden government should repeal its anti-corruption policy and order its return.

“I fought to defend our southern border and to win,” Texas attorney Ken Paxton said in a statement at the time. “I will not allow the protection of Texas residents to be left to the mercy of the acting president.”

During the appeal, the Biden government revoked the policy on December 6, after Mexico agreed to accept the returned migrants.

As the White House approaches the completion of the MPP, the same cannot be said about the 42nd theme, which the Biden government has chosen to delay earlier.

As of March 20, 2020, hundreds of immigrants seeking asylum in the United States have been deported to their countries of origin. Implemented as a blanket policy by the Trump administration, Title 42 was amended under Biden to allow the exclusion of persons such as unaccompanied minors and families with minors.

Immigration spokeswoman Jessica Bolter said the policy delay had “a greater impact on people arriving at the border.” He added, “Of course, MPP is also included in this list.”


In the four years that Trump has been in power, the annual defense to allow U.S. refugees has dropped from 85,000 to 15,000.

Biden while storing the number of refugees at 15,000, the smallest in modern American history, led to his arrest by fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill. In May, the government changed course and raised the dog to 62,500. (The total number of U.S. refugees enrolled is 11,411 for the 2021 budget year, which ends Sept. 30)

The government has raised the number of refugees from 2022 to 125,000. Learning the basics continues to deteriorate and the White House acknowledges that “the place [I got 125,000] will be hard to beat” despite Biden’s decision to “reform” the system with renewed US commitment to protect the weakest. , and standing firm. as a beacon of freedom and refuge for the world. ”

FILE – Children line up to enter a tent for foreign children in Homestead, Florida, March.
FILE – Children line up to enter a tent for foreign children in Homestead, Florida, March.

joy of law enforcement

While migration from the border to the U.S.-Mexico border was prominent in Biden’s first year in office, researchers say there has been little change in the way federal borders are implemented.

According to Bolter, there has been a “dramatic change” in domestic law and as the US Immigration Service (ICE) amends sanctions to deal with immigrants who pose a threat to national security. language or public health. During the Trump administration, any immigrant living in the United States without permission could be arrested and deported.

“These are changes that affect how immigrants in the United States conduct their daily lives,” Bolter said. “The Biden government has introduced new ICE implementations that have reduced the number of people targeted for arrest or deportation. That is why most immigrants living in the United States are deported. ”

The Biden government has also done so to prevent ICE from being arrested in the courts and at the end of the detention of pregnant women.

“And perhaps one of the most important steps they take in the implementation field is to complete the push-ups on the job,” Bolter said.


After more than a year of closure, U.S. government agencies and embassies around the world have reopened to immigrants and made appointments to meet immigrant visas. However, due to the development of COVID-19 infection, such activities are limited.

In November, the US State Department announced that more than 460,000 people were awaiting interrogation, further dragging down the U.S. and other applicants.

The U.S. Department of Immigration, the agency responsible for the U.S. immigration system, made changes under Biden.

The Commission has replaced the word “alien” – which some see as illegitimate – with “non-citizen” or “unlicensed” in its books and has promised to create incorrect forms. more accurate, timely, and easy to understand. ”

The Law of Attraction has stopped

On his first day in office, President Biden unveiled the Immigration Reform Act, 2021 U.S. Citizenship Act, which includes 8-year citizenship for an estimated 11 million immigrants. and permits in the United States.

Neither the Senate nor the Senate has yet voted on the bill and it is widely regarded as the dead body of Mount Capitol.

Separately, Democrats have been pushing for inclusion in reform measures in the big social media budget. In any case, the Senate has decided that the proposed measures should not be included in the budget that can be implemented by a majority.

As a result, the bill needs a three-fifths majority to gain a majority in the 100-member Senate where the Democrats have only 50 members and Republicans are united in opposing the proposals. of the Democrats.

Given that Republicans control two branches of the U.S. elected government, Washington’s failure to reform the much-criticized U.S. policy hurts Democrats.

“Our hope, our need and our hope is that this new government will bring a new perspective on immigration and immigration policy with a better immigration policy, and we believe in that,” said Garcia, of Border. Network for Rights. Humanity. told VOA.

While Isowa activists have complained that the Biden administration has done little to change Trump’s policies, Republicans have accused the president of prolonging border surgery, arguing that sending the message caused Central American people and elsewhere believe that the borders of the United States are open to newcomers.