Dems reconsider tweaking filibuster as immigration, voting rights plans get stonewalled

Last week I returned to Biden’s opinion with the Democrats in Parliament. A major area of ​​reform has hit the Senate wall, and the right to vote has come to a standstill. Democrats intensified discussions on the 60-vote amendment on Friday. Lisa Desjardins joins Judy Woodruff for discussion.

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Judy Woodruff:

This week I return to Biden’s opinion and to the Democrats in the control of Parliament.

A major area of ​​reform has hit the Senate wall, and the right to vote has come to a standstill. Depressed Democrats today intensified discussions to change 60 constituencies.

Lisa Desjardins has been talking to some important people, and she is with me now.

So, hello, Lisa.

You and I talked last night about corruption, where it has stopped, but soon after, we received reports that Democrats hope to turn misconduct into a big wall. Tell us about it.

Lisa Desjardins:

First, a quick reminder that Democrats have 50 votes in the Senate, the Senate which always requires 60 votes to pass the filibuster, which could prevent any legislation from doing so.

To go beyond that, they are trying to use a budgeting system to make more parts of the Biden integration concept. And one of them is what you mentioned, a moral correction.

But it turns out – last night, we received word that their plan will not affect this budget plan. Let us remind people exactly what the program is, fast. Initially, Democrats proposed an amnesty. This would be a situation that would not lead to citizenship, but would allow six or seven million people in the country currently unlicensed.

And, last night, we spread the word from interviews with our founders Saher Khan with some DACA and TPS receivers, as well as temporary security, receivers. These things are important. And they have listened to the important words of the Senate.

It is up to the Senate to decide whether these proposals will be appropriate for this budget agreement or not. Do they have a fair budget?

This is what Elizabeth MacDonough, Member of Parliament, wrote, based on an email I received from other sources.

He said: “These are changes in policy with far-reaching implications, such as those previously felt by Democrats. And these impacts are far greater than budget measures.”

Basically, they say this is more than a political change. It is not a budget change. As you can imagine, Democrats are very worried about this, sadly, with some members of the Hispanic Caucus.

Three of these members wrote this today in response, saying that Democrats must do everything in their power to find a way to become citizens for immigrants, no matter what. So that leads to this question.

Can Democrats win Parliament yesterday? Yes, Judy, they can. But, politically, there is no guarantee that they will do so. There are no 50 votes to do so. So this allows us to talk to those who do not have certificates – those who received DACA and others today to respond to this issue.

And I want to go to one of the people we talked to, Daishi Tanaka, who told us about his feedback today.

Daishi Miguel Tanaka, DACA Recipient:

As someone who owns and has been a DACA – political football always plays in the future to stay in this country, and with the fear that the courts will decide on the DACA program, I think I want the right one.

The fact that there is no freedom made me anxious and worried about what was coming.

Lisa Desjardins:

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell you.

Judy Woodruff:

Therefore, Lisa, another important issue in the balance, is entitled to vote.

It seems that the lack of progress on this issue has further fueled the debate over how to get around the legislature. Tell us where things stand on that.

Lisa Desjardins:

We’ll talk more about this in the future, Judy.

But, in a nutshell, I want to talk about the recommendations that I know Democrats are considering specifically getting into filibuster, first, the idea of ​​the current legislation they have, especially forcing councils should speak out exactly while letting them be purified. the current law, which is two words each. That may take days, weeks, months, but Democrats say, maybe we need to do it.

Another option they plan is to change the year from 60 votes to finish filibuster to 41 to make it work. These are ongoing – these are important discussions, including with Senator Joe Manchin.

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