DHS Offers Innovation Contracts, But Not in Immigration Enforcement Policy

From David North on December 28, 2021
The Department of Homeland Security has issued a request for advice from contractors giving us an understanding of what DHS is doing.

And it shows that the implications of modern technology, some of the major technologies that are difficult to understand, outweigh the ten per cent policy considerations.

I am not an RFP. It would be good, for example, to take the last item in a series of 11 topics, to learn more about “reported animal diseases, especially related zoonotic”; such diseases are those that can be transmitted from animals to humans such as Ebola and possibly Covid-19.

However, the security services should be interested in how new, technical and systematic measures can be put in place to reduce, for example, the number of migrants in the country.

Here is the list of purchases announced by the government last week; Would you like suggestions in the following fields:

DHS221-001 – Automatic Alarm System (AI) Automation (AI) and Monitoring
DHS221-002 – The resistance gauge is delivered quickly in protected areas and features
DHS221-003 – Non-Disruptive and Real Fantasy Microelectronics Discovery
DHS221-004 – Push-to-Talk Network
DHS221-005 – Step to Find a Spiritual Risk Representative
DHS221-006 – Airport Check-In for Limited Passengers
DHS221-007 – MFTS
DHS221-008 – High performance, low cost, Semiconductor Radiation Detector (SPRDs)
DHS221-009 – Space Search Center for High Poisonous Outcomes
DHS221-010 – Detector for Chemical Threat
DHS221-011 – From Port Section to Pen: Small Find / Emergency Testing for Large Monitoring Services or National Animal Diseases, Special Zoonotic Consultants
Of these 11, only one appears to be facing a major, but minor, problem, namely 006, “Powering Airport Checkpoint for Limited Passengers.”

In my dream, I could see DHS training support for such cases as follows:

What tactics should law enforcement and prosecutors use that will result in more imprisonment for illegal recruiters?
What is the profile of foreigners (and married couples) in a marriage fraud case in which both parties agree to marry so that citizens can earn money and foreigners can get a credit card? Are there examples in the law of fair marriage and those in the church, or the dress worn by guests (seen in wedding photos, often on file), or the country of origin?
We are not the only ones in the world who receive visitors. What methods are used in developed countries to prevent fraud altogether?
What are the best ways for U.S. field personnel to participate in the H-2A (farm) and H-2B (non-farm) isolation opportunities for alien workers that could be misused?
Give us some suggestions you can get, without field work, that will assess the “select” staff of OPT staff from the right, an issue covered by my colleague Jon Feere. One such possibility is to check the employee’s address, using Zillow and other systems, to check the operating company: Is it a company? Are there any ways that can help identify such employees before field work.
What are the methods used by other countries to buy refugees from other countries such as Turkey? Some may deserve a copy, others may not.
In real life, it is much easier to have a better understanding of how to deal with technical problems than to accept that the government is blind on certain political issues, so what I mean is that such support is rarely available. .

Nostalgia I remember a short time ago, a long time ago, when the former INS was under the Department of Justice, and the attorney general was the late Elliot Richardson, calling for similar actions that the DOJ considered. I helped some of them.

One of them is to design a test case with access points: what will make a difference about the incoming guest speakers is that the viewers are less time consuming, and allow you to use the time as much as possible. they think. dole. is the test of the whole person? Such recruitment methods, we write, will double the number of invalid entries. Researchers doing this work also found that for the most part the reason for entering writing was not a technical one at all, the researchers may have discovered that foreigners were lying. Under the next AG and the new INS committee, all of this is covered.

In an October 4 post, I explored the September 30 issue of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas which put an end to serious misconduct. Surprisingly, a section in the paper called ICE to make the United States a “holy land” for immigrants involved in domestic violence.

As I stated in that post, this is the third edition of Biden’s publication in just eight months. As the first, published by interim DHS secretary David Pekoske on January 20, and the second, written by ICE actor Tae Johnson on February 18, Mayorkas’ statement summarizes the implementation of ICE operations in the United States in under the guise of a “superior” law enforcement agency to protect “limited resources”.

This is a terrible tragedy, therefore, each document requires ICE staff to lose more resources to assess whether they are allowed to work with immigrants (and more importantly, foreigners on crime scenes) than they do ICE opportunities to use them. eliminate such aliens from the United States.

Mayorkas’ statement is a laundry list of serious and minor incidents that ICE staff must plan before they can be questioned, arrested, detained, prosecuted, or deported foreign criminals (commonly known as and “Crimes”).

Follow these straightforward calculations of improvements and reductions is the following passage:

The above examples of factors that increase aggravation and reduction are incomplete. … Public interest also plays a role in deciding whether to take action. For example, a regional decision that domestic violence offenses force calm and withdrawal may cause victims of domestic violence to delay reporting abuse. The exact facts of the case need to be determined. [Increase.]

There are many things to translate in this paragraph, and much to say about each sentence. For the purposes of this research, I will focus only on the world presented.

As a retired civil servant, I speak the Bureaucratese language of DC and the surrounding area, so let me translate this text into a dialect: Recognizing immigrants who are involved in domestic violence can prevent victims affected they can call the police. . , so do not.

Therefore, the author could not discuss the issue of free license for foreign landlords, so he entered this information in the so-called “status quo” using the word “can”. Mayorkas rewarded, though, by placing this situation not for the victims in a particular case, but for the victims of the domestic violence as a whole (“may cause victims of domestic violence to become victims.” wound”).

If this information were to become known, it would likely be that the victims would not be able to call the police where ICE staff “gameplay” is the same tactic used by many in the so-called “places”. “holy place” used to prove their denial to aid ICE in it. bringing foreign criminals to the streets.

Consider the following, from the CATO Center: “Hygiene policies help the police, allow them to cooperate with victims and witnesses who do not want to disclose their status or status friend, wife, or relative. ” This is a question mark, as the Center points out, but states are always complaining to the public when they are following extremist norms.

Mayorkas’ idea of ​​this idea, however, took him by surprise and risk and the father’s guidance.

Another form of domestic violence, known as “partner violence” (IPV), includes “abuse or neglect that occurs in a romantic relationship”. According to the CDC, IPV “affects millions of people in the United States each year”, and industry statistics are staggering:

Approximately 35% of women who survive IPV and more than 11% of men who survive IPV experience some form of physical injury associated with IPV. IPV can also lead to death. Data from U.S. crime reports show that nearly 1 in 5 were killed by a partner. The report also shows that more than half of all murdered women in the United States were killed by their current or previous partner. [Increase.]

Another type of domestic violence is child abuse. The American Child Welfare Association estimates that “1,840 children died from abuse and neglect in 2019” and, according to the CDC, one in seven children experienced abuse or neglect last year.

In June 2009, the DOJ reported: “We see police violence related to domestic violence being the largest segment of police calls, accounting for 15 to 50 percent of all calls. done.

One of the major problems associated with domestic violence is the lack of reporting by victims. According to the DOJ report, 29 percent of victims later denied being abused, contrary to police reports. Among the reasons given for not reporting domestic violence include:

[We believe that violence is personal or private (22 per cent for women, 39 per cent for men), fear of revenge (12 per cent for women, 5 per cent for men), a desire for self-defense (14 per cent for women ). , 16 percent of men), and the belief that the police will do nothing (8 percent of women and men).

Mayorkas seems to indicate that the last 8 percent of respondents were correct.

In any case, as a convicted felon, I have seen hundreds of immigrants arrested by ICE for domestic violence offenses (almost all men), and in many cases the victim has come to court to deny that the abuse took place. important or happen. quarterly.

This is the worst case of domestic violence: The power that the victim has over the victim is a form of violence, and one that allows many of them to walk in freedom to repeat, serial (and sometimes mortal). As a result, most plaintiffs agree with what is known as “no-nonsense” complaints, which in cases where the evidence of abuse continues even if the victim repeats it.

The Obama DOJ has lined up on these issues, saying:

Prosecutors should not allow opposition parties to rule directly. If prosecutors find that most victims are often opposed to prosecution, they should investigate both and the relationship between law enforcement and the victims to further support the prosecution. affects those most relevant to what is seen as a whole in the country.

He advised the judges not to “think that allowing the trial to go on indefinitely could upset the victims or harm their health.”

Even when Obama DHS cut off other foreign criminals, he also drew the line when it came to domestic violence. In his November 2014 memorandum of understanding, Obama’s DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson considered domestic violence crimes a “bad discipline”, and therefore critical of the implementation of ICE.

That’s it. Now, the DHS secretary of Biden is retreating from such practices, and in defiance of both silent public health benefits regarding the removal of domestic victims and the risk these perpetrators place on those affected affected.

“Sanitation policies” at the state and local levels, which only protect foreign criminals, are not effective. DHS’s policy of “holy land” for homeowners is unacceptable, pathetic, and dangerous.