Fewer immigrant workers are coming to fill key jobs. That has slowed the U.S. economy

From the moment you walk through the door of Jagdeep Nayyar restaurant near I-81 in central Pennsylvania, it is clear who your customers are.

Coin length is another feature from the front of a genuine Tata car – the most-sold brand in India.

“All American food is available in all shops,” Nayyar told NPR in an interview. “So he told me, why not open an Indian restaurant?”

A few decades ago, Nayyar closed the railway rights that used to occupy this truck near Harrisburg and Hershey, and opened My Taste of India. It is one of the fastest growing street restaurants in the country hosting high-end trucks in the northwestern Indian state of Punjab.

Employers in the United States are struggling to fill nearly 11 million vacancies. Few visitors come to complete these projects – especially in some of the larger industries that continue to grow economically.

The US economy has lost more than 1 million immigrant workers as a result of the outbreak
“If you can’t find the right workers, the whole industry is going down. And the whole economy is going down,” said Jeremy Robbins, executive director of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Robbins says the U.S. economy has lost more than 1 million immigrant workers who would not be here – not because of an outbreak of the disease, and because of a lack of law and order during the Trump administration. He also pointed out that declining supply of raw materials could lead to supply shortages and inflation problems, while employers are struggling to find enough workers.

“It’s very effective,” Robbins said in an interview. “Not on themselves (the workers), not only on the companies that will work on them, but also on the entire economy.”

Some companies may feel this lack even more. Food and health services, all dependent on migrant workers, have over one million jobs open. There are hundreds of thousands of openings in large trucks, where almost one in five workers is a child as a foreigner.

The Punjabis took the big car on the highway, which has about five percent of the industry in the United States.
One evening, a stream of Punjabi drivers pulled up for dinner at My Taste of India.

“I just waited for food. This is a beautiful Punjabi restaurant,” said Gurtaj Singh, on his way to Kentucky. “Everything they did was very good.” Singh has only spent 15 months looking for a pickup truck, but has already built a place to find food on the road across the black country.

Chef and owner Jagdeep Nayyar in the kitchen of My Lenu Of India, an I-81 restaurant near Harrisburg, Pa.
Joel Rose / Joel Rose
“There are a lot of Punjabi drivers,” said Raman Singh Dhillon, president of the Punjabi Truck Drivers Association. “It’s in the blood.”

In Fresno, Calif., Where Dhillon lives, there is a long-standing Punjabi community. Over the past decade, Dhillon said, the Punjabis have relocated to the highway, and now make up about five percent of the industry across the country.

But Dhillon says progress has slowed in recent years, while the coronavirus has raised concerns about the U.S. immune system.

“There are a lot of people who should enter the country legally [who can’t enter. I have a lot of people around me that their relatives live in India because they are not interviewed,” he said. he. “And many of these newcomers, when they come, are the companies that prefer to get involved in transportation.”

It is acknowledged that fewer immigrants joined the U.S. workforce in the past year – but not everyone thinks this is a problem.

Prevent violence welcome and reduction
“The point is, good. Proof of performance is good,” said Roy Beck, founder and president of NumbersUSA, a non-governmental organization based in Washington, DC, an area that advocates for lower levels of violence. and author of a new book. published Back the Employment Line: 200 Years of Emigration, Unemployment, and Black Depression.

“It has proven to improve the labor market and increase wages. It always happens,” Beck said. “The fact that we have a year of shortages contributes to that. And that’s a good thing. It’s one of the best things that can happen to focus on economic instability.”

Beck argues that high levels of abuse harm newborns, especially those with a decline in the education system, although many economists say the impact is small.

By all indications, there are a number of reasons, the main causes of current unemployment – with millions of workers retiring, or delaying returning to work during a disaster. But it would be a mistake to ignore the effects of morality, says Karthick Ramakrishnan, who teaches public policy at the University of California, Riverside.

“If there is a reduction in behavior while there is a low demand for work, you will not see a significant impact,” Ramakrishnan said. But now – with millions of jobs – Ramakrishnan says more is needed. “So absolutely. Rising practice makes a difference,” he said.

Strangers who do not complete all these eye-opening activities, he said. But they can help.

Awareness of hyper-tan-related omicron variants has been the highest number of new cases of COVID-19 infection in the past two weeks, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

New data released on Tuesday shows that, while the omicron is on a high plateau, the delta region – which is struggling – is also strong at the moment of surgery.

The CDC previously reported that as of December 18, 73% of new statements were related to omicron. But on Tuesday, the commission revised those figures, lowering the figure to 23% – a drop-50-point, indicating that although there was a new difference in advertising, the number was not forecast by the CDC. not. .

“There is no way around it, it is a big swelling that makes it seem like something is wrong,” said Dr. Shruti Gohil, assistant professor of epidemiology and infection prevention at UC Irvine School of Medicine. told NPR. “But there is always a delay in the information available, and that is something everyone should take.”

Omicron strikes as soon as public health experts take their impact on the delta test, Gohil said.

“The way we tested it and how satisfied we were with the figures were all in order at the time. Then that new variation came and now here he is trying to do something when he doesn’t have it at all. ” Gohil said.

The CDC’s new privacy policy has raised concerns among health professionals
The CDC’s new privacy policy has raised concerns among health professionals
A recent CDC report corrected the numbers and exceeded what was happening in the country at the time, he said.

The latest report shows that as of December 25, 59% of all infectious diseases in the United States are caused by omicron. Currently, the delta has 41% of cases at the same time. And the number of infected people could increase, given the skepticism the company has in the data collected. The true number can reach 58%.

Given the CDC update, Gohil said, “The implication is that we have a lot of ongoing delta and it needs a lot of care.”

Something is happening after the weight-bearing message

This is especially true for people who are healthy in their immune system due to reports that omicron is a lesser protein and is less likely to be hospitalized than delta.

The capital has the highest COVID risk level in the country
The capital is the worst place for COVID-19 transmitters right now
“People think, ‘Oh, well, the omicron isn’t good,’ ‘he said. Besides, the delta is an animal you should not worry about. ”

Until omicron came along, the delta was the most important protein diversity, and CDC research showed it was more likely to lead to an unvaccinated hospital than other species.

Gohil added that the new CDC findings also force hospitals to restructure because delta or omicron requires different antibiotics and medications.

“The bottom line is that the masks should not be removed yet, they should be vaccinated, they should be vaccinated, they should be vaccinated – and they should be vaccinated,” Gohil said.

Washington, D.C., is undergoing a major overhaul — making it the most dangerous area for COVID-19 infection in the country.

D.C. There were an average of 1,192 new statements per day in the past seven days, and 169 per 100,000 people as of Monday, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Science and Technology.

Despite high immunizations, DC faces surgery for a number of reasons, according to Dr. Neil J. Sehgal, assistant professor of health and management policy at the University of Maryland School of Public Health.

“I suspect that what we are seeing in DC is a global transportation disaster because of domestic problems, missed opportunities to prevent transportation, and the ability to transfer omicron – while people with the drug are not able to contract or disperse ., with omicron, obviously both are happening, ”he told NPR.

WHITE PLAINS, NY (AP) – A local lawyer said Tuesday that former New York governor Andrew Cuomo will not face criminal charges of kissing two women involuntarily, one of whom is a soldier. it is a state.

Westchester District Sheriff Mimi Rocah said that although there was evidence to put an end to the alleged misconduct, the office could not pursue the charges.

Rocah said in a statement: “In both cases, my office has ruled that, despite the allegations, the allegations are true and that we cannot continue. charges and crimes not because of New York law, ”Rocah said in a statement. word.

Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo will not be charged for touching a Soldier
Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo will not be charged for touching a Soldier
The message was left for further clarification with Cuomo’s spokesperson.

Last week, a Long Island prosecutor said Cuomo would not face criminal charges after one soldier said he felt “completely upset” by an unwanted touch at a meeting with held at Belmont Park in September 2019. Nassau District Attorney. County Joyce Smith said the charges were. safe and sound but not criminal under state law.

A report in August by chief prosecutor Letia James described the allegations made by 11 women against Cuomo and led to her dismissal from office, although she found the findings of the investigation to be inaccurate and failed.