FIFA Plans Major Cut to Agent Compensation

FIFA is making changes that will release a large portion of its revenue to officials.

The governing body of the World Cup decided to limit concessions to 3% of players ’salaries and 10% of transfer fees.

Senior officials have threatened legal action if FIFA continues the program.

FIFA says officials received $ 500.8 million from transfers this year, a small fraction of the $ 497.5 million spent in 2020, although the cost of transferring players around the world has dropped from $ 5.2 billion by 2020. to $ 4.3 billion by 2021.
In the undisclosed case, one agent received 118 per cent of the transfer fee paid by a German group to France.
FIFA President Gianni Infantino says training teams account for almost 1% of the total expenses of athletes worldwide in 2019, while delegates make up 10%.
Intermediaries everywhere
FIFA also said that in 48 cases, teams and players involved in player transfer paid a representative. On contracts under $ 500,000, the median income is 18.8% of the total.

The Premier League and European football clubs have complained about the strict rules on officials. FIFA has lifted restrictions on the compensation of officials and other rules about who can be a mediator – but it is back on track.

The Tokyo Olympics face many problems related to the global epidemic, but the latest figures are positively based on previous estimates.

Summer Games is worth $ 13.6 billion to organizers, $ 1.8 billion less than the previous estimate of $ 15.4 billion.

Much of the decline was due to low staffing levels, as supporters were not allowed to attend. After all, the same restrictions apply to $ 800 million in Olympic tickets.

The Organizing Committee estimates that $ 6.4 billion will be spent when the tournament is first launched in 2013. Those costs have been reduced due to construction and the decision to postpone the convention. year old.
Japanese donors have invested nearly $ 3 billion, and some traffickers have complained that they did not see anything on their investment.
The International Olympic Committee, which is sponsored by broadcasters and sponsors, has contributed $ 800 million, with an additional $ 500 million coming from Olympic partners.
The organizing committee paid about $ 5.9 billion to host the games – almost the same revenue.

Final Price Open TBD
Organizers say the final figures will not be available until the spring of 2022 due to ongoing work on areas and other agreements that need to be completed.

It was previously estimated that the Tokyo Games were more than $ 15 billion spent in London in 2012 as the most expensive Olympics.

The famous golf course was adopted during the disaster, and almost two years later, the game continued to attract stars.

In 2020, golf had the largest increase since 1997 at a turnover of 60 million more, with three million people receiving training for the first time. Nearly 500 million copies were published last year.

This year, the National Golf Foundation found that the total number of rounds published in the United States will exceed the number of rounds published in 2020 by 4% to 5%.

Invest in a Game
From professional golfers to local golf activities, businesses everywhere want an area of ​​success.

Closing PGA Tour jumped nearly 14% of each event, totaling $ 427 million, thanks to new sponsors and broadcast businesses. The LGPA fund jumped 12% to nearly $ 86 million.
Lamborghini, known for its sports and luxury cars, announced the launch of the golf course in October.
In November, the investment firm Fortress Fortress SoftBank bought Acordia Golf for $ 3.5 billion.
The already established companies in the golf industry are benefiting, too.

PGA Tour Superstore, the world’s largest retailer, told Forbes that its business has grown by almost 70% in the last two years. Last month, Callaway Golf reported that third-party revenue increased 80% in one year to $ 856 million.

The Sydney Hobart ferry has returned after being canceled last year due to an outbreak.

This year’s race started on Sunday with 88 boats but many people have already seen the drop due to “fraudulent conditions.” The race was called “Everest”, the race started in 1945 and it was very dangerous that a hurricane killed six people and sank five boats in 1998.

The 628-mile race, which features two-way racing this year, will end on January 1st.

For small boat professionals who want to get in, they can always buy an entryway to help reduce the cost of running boats smoothly.
For a ride on Steve Capell Eve tour in 2019, the team has received a $ 34,000 discount.
There were no cash prizes, but the winners received booty and Rolex – the brand has been a sponsor of the race since 2002. The boat went from 30 to 100 feet, with between six and 24 crew members.

Hearing Race
More than 400,000 viewers were reported to have attended the event. Some small boats provide front seats for the race. For example, Ghost Silver welcomes 40 guests for 3.5 hours, $ 285 everything including travel.

Seventh Networks has signed an agreement with Cruising Yacht Club of Australia in 2019 to cover the event until 2023. More than 1.5 million viewers listened in 2018.

Stability plays an important role in the sports industry.

On Thursday, December 22, Formula E published its annual report following the seventh season of World Cup.

Form E has become the first game in the world to join the Science and Business Center initiative for a 1.5 ° C commitment and aim to reduce its emissions by 45% by 2030.
The new Gen3 racing car has been released by Formula E and FIA for Season 9. It will be the most effective racing car in the world with a 40% capacity of racing coming out of the update and will be booked carbon net-zero license.
Form E is the first sports organization in the world to partner with UNICEF on climate change.
Form E is growing rapidly in popularity. Race viewers increased by 125% in major overseas markets with a 25% year-over-year increase in domestic markets.

Good luck
Being a leader in sustainability can be a rewarding endeavor in the long run. Revenue (transfers and streams) to depend on the capital increased by 40% in 2021 to $ 330 billion – showing further interest in all things “carbon protection.”

If you are interested in learning more about sustainable performance in sports, check out our Insights report on the subject.