Financial Intelligence: How To Save Money During College In Canada

In this blog post, we will be discussing how you can save money during college in Canada.

Saving money during college could seem like an impossible task because you’ve got a whole lot of things to spend money on, ranging from buying textbooks, transportation, feeding, changing clothes, maintenance, etc.

Nevertheless, in all this, there are still ways by which you can save money during college in Canada.

This is one thing many students in Canada see as impossible, as they believe they will only be able to offset their student loans after graduation.

If you do not want to have an enormous loan for pain, you should learn how to save money, with the tips we will show you in this article.

Financial Intelligence Tips: Save Money During College In Canada

The below are steps you should consider to save money during college in Canada.

1. Make Sure Your Everyday Spending Is Planning

Going out without proper planning of how much you want to spend on that particular day will make you make unnecessary spending.

Make everything planned. If you need to buy something, make it planned, and ensure the price fits your budget.

2. Exchange Your Old Items With New Ones

Rather than buying new items, why not swap them with new ones and only add a little amount to them.

This is an excellent way of saving money. Perhaps you feel like changing your phone, laptop, clothes, etc., to a new one. All you have to do is to swap it; buying a new one will drain a whole lot of money.

3. Make use Of Your Canadian School ID Card To Get Discounts

Most of the businesses and organizations in Canada give discounts to students that want to purchase any of their goods or services. Nevertheless, you can only claim this discount with your Canadian school ID card.

This means, whenever you want to go out for dinner or change your clothes, endeavor to always go out with your school ID card, so you can always get a discount.

4. Make Credit, Debit, Bills, and Interest Familiar To You

While in secondary school, you may not be familiar with debt, bills, or credit; nevertheless, when you get admitted into a college in Canada, these things will seem strange and new.

To ensure your bills do not pile up, you can set up an automatic payment.

When you have a good credit score, it will go a long way in helping you in the future.

5. Using Fairly Used Stuff Isn’t A Bad Idea

As a college student in Canada, having a good financial record is essential, and making use of fairly used stuff during your studies in Canada isn’t a bad idea.

Using brand new products will drain your money tremendously, and you may not be able to have any savings.


You may only save nothing if you do not practice everything that has been listed here.

We believe this would have given you tips on how you can save money as a college student in Canada, kindly share this with friends for them to learn too.