Immigration activists in Chicago urge Democrats to disregard Senate parliamentarian, move forward with reform

For Luis Rodriguez, it seems that change for immigrants like himself could happen despite the recession in immigration segment as part of a wider social and community economy.

“The situation is still tense because of this decision,” Rodriguez said. “We can still continue to be citizens, and I think it was one of those moments when I could finally see the change happening until we had something bigger than just DACA – which was a short time – and something safer than being a citizen. . ”

Rodriguez and other immigration consultants met Friday at the Federal Plaza in a loop, perfect for Sens. Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth of Illinois to reject a recent Senate proposal to remove a misdemeanor from the “Best Practices” list. His lawyers are working to get the exact author of this information available online.

Activists plan to join a rally scheduled for Saturday outside the James R. Thompson Center in Loop to continue pushing for the inclusion of moral reform in the Gina Back Better bill. The recent decision allows immigrants who have lived in the United States since at least 2010 to apply for a work permit for two, five years.

Organized by the Illinois Movement and Refugee Rights and other community groups, large crowds gathered for a press conference and gathered Friday morning at the Federal Plaza to push for federal government reform.
Organized by the Illinois Movement and Refugee Rights and other community groups, large crowds gathered for a press conference and gathered Friday morning at the Federal Plaza to push for federal government reform. Ashlee Rezin / Sun-Times
In a statement, Durbin and other councilors said they “oppose the Senate’s interpretation of our constitution, and we will take all necessary steps to make it possible.” Citizenship is the Return Act.

For months, activists in Chicago have struggled to incorporate social reforms into their social and community accounts, organizing student conferences and announcements outside Durbin House in Chicago.

Glo Harn Choi, a local coordinator with the HANA Center, was part of a group of activists who blocked the November section of Ida B. Wells Road near the U.S. Migration Offices in Chicago. On Friday, Choi told a crowd gathered at Federal Square that unauthorized visitors like him could not wait to get better again.

“If they think we will bring relief to them during the election, we need them to take us to Parliament,” he said.

Although Rodriguez was not allowed to vote, he told the crowd that he had been on the phone and invited others to vote in the hope that this would lead to a change in immigration.

Rodriguez applied for a suspended job for the Early Childhood program, but her application was disrupted after a federal judge in Texas earlier this year ordered the government to stop issuing new DACA applications.

The 21-year-old is studying construction engineering, but he will soon be retiring from school to earn a living.

“If I get a credit card, it will greatly improve my life because I can ask for financial help if I need it through school,” he said. “I can travel, visit my relatives, do research abroad, do all these things because I can not travel because I do not have certificates.”

Families of Chicago Public Schools are now until Thursday to launch a local COVID-19 test offered to students, the community has announced.

The tests – sent to 150,000 students in the worst-affected areas and with a shortage of vaccines – should be rescheduled for December 28. But the deadline has widened after the a photo published online of the retrieved tests outside the FedEx delivery boxes. On its website, the Chicago Teachers Association called the collection “failure and chaos.”

“We are getting encouragement from the number of families who have introduced the test materials so far. We are working with all partners to ensure timely delivery of test materials at FedEx and libraries, ”CPS said in a statement on Thursday.

The district recently announced an additional library space: Garfield Ridge Branch, 6348 S. Archer Ave.

There are many topics for parents and families returning their FedEx products today. And this does not apply to FedEx or Walgreen employees for non-proposals. They were not prepared because this plan by the community and CPS was not well thought out, and no one planned them.

– ChicagoTeachersUnion (@ CTULocal1) December 28, 2021
During the winter holidays, the community used to send letters urging parents to test their children before they return to school on January 3. The news comes at a time when the city and state are experiencing increase in COVID-19 exposure.

“The best protection against COVID is implementation,” the CPS statement said. “More than 90% of our staff are now vaccinated, and we continue to spread the importance of immunization in our school districts.

“5-year-old students and adults are eligible to be vaccinated and vaccines are free and widely available. We hope that higher grade levels will be transformed into distance training during this Omicron ride, but we know we can protect our children and staff as we work together. ”

Kirby Dach has been breaking his kid a lot lately.

As the Blackhawks ’holiday season expands to a two-week break, dominated by the end of the confusing 2021 calendar year, the anointed pillars of the patent pending patent pending. Having a French of having a French future is a lot of time. to think about your own frustrating year.

“I just want to be an actor I know,” Dach, 21, said in January. “It’s been 2.5 years. Strength and fall, helmet [and] higher, it’s horrible. It sucks.

“As an athlete you should not pay attention to external noise, it is difficult to avoid this material. I know I have to be better. This is the real thing.”

Exactly a year ago on Tuesday, apparently and surprisingly, he was performing surgery on a broken arm at last year’s World Cup.

Your hands are feeling better now, and you have since the end of summer. But what prevented the return time from entering its growth path – limiting to just 18 games below-100% healthy last season and a total of 48 total this calendar year – proves to be more difficult than expected progress go.

“The year is long,” he said. “Of course, I do not think I am where I should be, but this is to be cleansed and improved. There is still a lot on the table, [and] there is still plenty of time to get there.”

Of those 48 games, Dach scored 23 points – seven pitches, 16 assists – and won 35.7% of his 485 assists.

There are many signs that sound better than what is seen on the street. Excellent with popular domain entries – 75.0% of your domain name entry with puck control, averaging by 52.4%, each analyst Corey Snzajder. And its passing is also good for cheats – it has an average of 4.2 which allows you to win in 60 minutes, above the average 2.6, each Snazjder. He’s the Hawks ’best forward in two divisions.

But Dach’s reputation continues to be – in an inappropriate way – by his reluctance to shoot puck and his inability to carry it out at all, in part as a result.

Note is rife for the third-choice of his third season that these injuries alone do not take place. The Sun-Times’ December 18 poll of Polling Place saw only 58.9% of Hawks fans still believe Dach could be the centerpiece of the line-up, more so than Jonathan Toews-esque star. He too feels this criticism.

“I really don’t want to be a person who is known [to have] a collection of benefits – We and I can’t be,” he said.

He emphasized that he was not under pressure in the NHL, though. Instead, it’s yours – the pressure you put on yourself “to be the best for the team, [for] the team.”

As a group, the Hawks have stopped thinking together and have begun to acknowledge their weaknesses since Derek King took power. The beginning of the transformation of this one was a great achievement of the King as a supervisor.

Dach, however, has become himself, trying as hard as possible to make something big happen every move. Unlocking a great natural gift proves to be a daunting task. But the King is confident that he will finally solve it.

“It’s very important to him,” King said. “He’s hard on himself and he’s proud of his game, which is sometimes (hard to be in a young player. Sometimes I forget, and a lot of people forget, how [young] he is. He was just a kid.

“It doesn’t look like a nightmare, but it won’t be three or four years on the road until you find it. You’re looking now and you just have to play [your game] right now. I like the way it goes.”

Two members of a gang in the Lakeview area were shot dead by gunmen last night.

In the first attack, two men and a woman were walking in the 600 Block of West Buckingham Place around 11:25 p.m. Tuesday when a black sedan stood near them and some people carried a gun, according to police.

They demanded the property of the injured, when they refused, the gunmen beat them, and one of the robbers opened fire, injuring a 28-year-old man, police said.

‘The robbers grabbed a bag and the wires went off quickly. The injured man was taken to Masonic Illinois Hospital in intensive care. Two others, a 27-year-old woman and a 27-year-old man, were injured but refused medical attention.

About an hour and a half later, a few do-it-yourselfers, a man was walking on 400 West Aldine Street, when a large gray car parked near him, police said.

Two gunmen got out of the car and shot the man in the leg, then carried his bag and phone before fleeing, police said.

The Masonic Illinois man was brought in in good condition.

No one was arrested in each attack. Police will not say if they believe the two men are related.