One year in, Biden has been slow to unwind Trump immigration policies

WASHINGTON – As President Biden nears the end of his first year in office, Democrats fear that he might learn some lessons from his successor, Donald Trump – not the kind they want.

Many anti-Semites have little in common with Trump, but they value two things: the speed with which the government can change, and the expulsion of a full-fledged political force. . But they fear that instead of using those teachings to improve the system that Biden describes – justice, order and human nature – the President has borrowed much of his past policies and is not very active.

Biden expanded Trump’s policy of deporting more immigrants because of COVID. The government, under a court order, has also reinstated and expanded the policy of forcing immigrants to stay in Mexico for court proceedings, even though Biden violated the policy in his election campaign. And his Justice Department is defending some of Trump’s policies in court over the challenges faced by immigration activists.

Many activist groups are working together on what is known as the “Big Book,” collecting over 500 proposals for the incoming Biden government. The Pro-Challenge Hub team has reviewed nearly 150 projects that have been implemented so far. Many of them are changing Trump’s policies.

“What we do not have is the White House, which is determined to continue the Biden-dominated ideology as the Trump administration has decided to pursue theirs, and as a result, we live in a world of globalization. where many of these Trump policies are close by, ”said Omar Jadwat, director of the immigrant rights group with the American Civil Liberties Union.

Unemployed guests are waiting their turn at the second school building at the Department of Homeland Security in Donna, Texas, in March.
Unemployed guests are waiting their turn at the second school building at the Department of Homeland Security in Donna, Texas, in March.

Dario Lopez-Mills / Getty Photos
A White House spokesman opposed the idea that Biden had made no progress on the issue, citing actions taken earlier in the administration to change some of Trump’s policies, and to protect undocumented immigrants. , came to the United States as a child with new protection. . for immigrants whose countries are in turmoil.

“This government is committed to working around the clock to provide relief to immigrants and bring about a 21st-century migration system,” said Vedant Patel.

During the presidential campaign, Biden quickly turned the page away from Trump’s vicious policies and discussed plans to provide citizenship for those without a valid license. He emphasized the need to give asylum seekers the opportunity to live in the United States, and said that the Obama administration had been slow to implement reforms.

Early in his administration, Biden promoted policies adopted by anti-immigrant activists, including lifting Trump’s travel bans and adopting an angry legal system to accommodate millions of illegal immigrants. A system that would require only Democratic votes.

Guatemalan Deputy Prime Minister Kamala Harris and Guatemalan Foreign Minister Pedro Brolo clashed when Harris arrived in Guatemala in May.

But it also maintains a policy known as Title 42 which is important in closing the southern border for all immigrants. Then in the spring, when the border crossing rose to historic levels, the Biden government doubled down on migration prevention, much to the chagrin of many activists who see the system as crucial to gaining ownership. Others have put their hopes on Vice President Kamala Harris, who has made significant strides on the march while serving as a California congressman. He ordered a management effort to improve the climate in Central America, but also used a barrier, including the advice to be a direct guest while in Guatemala: “Do not come.”

For some, the catastrophic disaster came in September, when thousands of Haitians fleeing violence in their homeland gathered on the border with Del Rio, Texas. Border guards on horseback were photographed using harassment tactics against the migrants, prompting outcry from Harris and Biden himself. Charity allegations have been dropped, but Haitians have been deported to a hostile country for months before acknowledging “they face security challenges, civil unrest, increased human rights abuses, poverty reduction and lack of adequate equipment, “said Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro. Mayorkas.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has been slow to overturn Trump’s changes to the Electoral Tribunal, allowing Trump to return for nearly a year without the approval of the judiciary. to the judges, criticizing how dangerous the legal system is. and hiring specialized staff to lead the company. Activists also question the department’s role in defending many of Trump’s policies in court regardless of the accommodation or conditions that could benefit large sums of immigrants’ money, including card protection. and security policies and turning asylum seekers at the border.

Powerful lawyers are commended for the changes they have made, including improving the environment in Central America and reforming and enforcing customs duties on criminals and people at risk. They also announced the latest steps taken by the government to expand non-violent areas including schools, religious festivals and theaters and strategies to end arrests instead. focus on the position of the workers, not the migrant workers. Many interviewed by The Chronicle agree that no outsider understands the full extent of the Trump administration’s efforts to reduce corruption, and the length of time it has taken to reinstate. Several places on the left.

They also announced his efforts to set up millions of undocumented youth and workers through Democrat social work funding. If Biden could make such a law, they believe, he would suddenly become a migrant leader in generations.

But the bill, which would require the support of all 50 Democratic senators, is on the verge of being opposed by Sen. Joe Manchin, DW.Va., and the Senate planning director continue to oppose Democrats’ attempts to keep the project afloat. wisdom cross filibuster. Lawyers continue to use their power to defeat the Senate, and election warnings would be a shame on the run.

“Everything leads to this,” said Sergio Gonzalez, executive director of the Institute. “This is exactly what we see as the cornerstone of the President’s commitment, so we are at a time when, yes, things are challenging and difficult, and the question here is: Will the President take advantage of all any political investment? leave a stone unturned, and show leadership and courage to get this on the border – or not? And I think at that point, the value of this year and the assets on the go are very different. ”

Another important point to be made is the administration’s policy on corruption and its failure to distance itself from Trump’s policies in its decision to withdraw from decision-making talks with separated families. and division of the head, a practice which Biden abolished and abolished. Democrats. Families filed a lawsuit to get them back, but when the idea of ​​paying tens of thousands of dollars to families spread, Biden calmed down. Campaign lawyer Bridget Cambria called the move “far-fetched” on Twitter and said it had put the government in an anti-apartheid environment.

Instead of doubling the campaign message in support of Ishiwa Biden, lawyers say, the government is working on the right by focusing on border numbers and improving immunization. With less than a year of mid-term elections in place, activists see the government as adding to the political burden by diverting history from the unlikely place of immigrants.

Unless they really work on the ground and take responsibility for hemispheric… people will continue to migrate and find security in our country, ”said Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the National Bureau of Investigation, which specializes in the rights of the less powerful. immigrants. “I believe that the agenda of many stakeholders continues to be driven by people who are politically incorrect looking at the media and understanding the consequences.”

Any progress toward Biden’s justice and human resources, he said, is moving “very slowly.”

“There are a lot of great ideas, but also developed regions, and then what they do has to do with what they do, especially along the border,” Hincapié said. “Our hope is that not only will we repair the damage done by the Trump administration, but we will also rebuild the economy for the 21st time, and I think many lives have been lost by this administration.”

The new guidelines, announced Monday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, were adopted by California government officials, limiting the quarantine time for those who tested the quality of COVID-19, and the quarantine time for people exposed to the protein.

Many Bay Area residents followed California and CDC guidelines on COVID policies during the disaster. However, only the local government areas of Marin, Napa and San Mateo have confirmed to The Chronicle that they are following a new special route.

San Francisco said health workers are “waiting for a full writing guide from the CDC,” and their current guide is here. Contra Costa County is also awaiting information from CDPH before receiving CDC orders.

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Dr Nicholas Moss, a health worker for the Alameda district, said staff were reviewing the CDC’s guidelines and were planning to do what was best for everyone. He said there were “real benefits” for the short term isolation, but it seems the guide is aimed at asymptomatic people, and that may confuse many people suffering from omicron disease and show symptoms.

“I know the state has indicated it will follow the CDC, but we are still waiting to see if they include any additional wrinkles,” he said. “My concern is that we also need patients to stay home. So I do not want to miss this message with all this CDC change talk.