Roberto Martinez opposes plan to hold World Cup every two years

Roberto Martinez has voiced his opposition to Fifa’s plans to update the World Cup schedule.

The Belgian coach, who will lead the country in Qatar in 2022, has opposed the decision to host the tournament every two years.

Fifa president Gianni Infantino and former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger are trying to change the calendar.

The commission held a meeting last week to inform 211 member groups of 3. 3.3 billion in additional revenue from the World Cup annually.

France striker Kylian Mbappe and Poland’s Robert Lewandowski have expressed concern and Martinez has added to his fears, as has Belgium.

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“In my opinion, and in the opinion of the Belgian Football Association, we are not supported,” he told the PA news agency. “But we totally agree that we need to find solutions and find the best solution to allow artists to excel while representing the team and national teams.

“The World Cup every two years will break the process, we all know the players who have played in the Five World Cups and how important it is to qualify for the World Cup.

“I don’t think we will start to see players who have played in nine or ten World Cups feel the same way.

“It is an important moment in the career of a player and he should continue to have the beauty and history he has now. In Europe we are very lucky because the European Championship is very strong, the Nations Cup is a competition of best There are alternative solutions at the international level.

“We have had a very interesting presentation, FIFA has made a recommendation. It is good that we have decision makers and major football teams talking about how to adjust the calendar and judgments.

“Football in this day and age needs to be in line with the needs of domestic and international football, especially after Covid in the last two seasons.”

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The Wigan boss already led Belgium to the final of Euro 2020 this summer, where they lost to relegated Italy and finished third in the 2018 World Cup.

He continues to focus on the Red Devils’ lead in Qatar next year as he is linked with a move to Newcastle.

The Magpies are reportedly keen on the 48-year-old coach after he was sacked by Steve Bruce in October before the appointment of Eddie Howe later.

There was no official response from Premier League rivals and Martinez, the country’s technical director, reaffirmed his commitment to Belgium.

He said: “I will not give up this job until World Cup. It happens when you participate in world football, it is all a matter of time.

“Newcastle is an exciting team that will lead to new stadiums slowly and one day come to win the competition. My position is time and space to finish what I have in hand – and it does not take when you are only 11 months old from World Love.

“They have not been contacted at all. When you reach an agreement you need to let the companies talk and it never happens.”

Have you ever been scared and expensive while driving for a strange thing that was breaking your windshield? If so, you may start to wonder British Airways Pilot 2237 from London Gatwick to San José in Costa Rica last Thursday, December 23rd.

After a two-hour flight from Gatwick and an 11-hour flight from Sussex to the capital Juan Santamaría Airport, I do not know if the passengers were wanted. But the glass of the plane was definitely there – apparently by a hailstorm that fell from the 1,000-foot-long plane.

“Our highly experienced pilots carry one of our aircraft as usual after encountering a technical problem on the way,” he did not say about the incident that caused the crash.

Some think pollution, meteorite, or even solid waste is to blame. Whatever the reason, British Airways has a serious problem. 777 is completed until the relevant sections are combined.

Central America is an area of ​​interest, but wind turbines for large aircraft and skilled engineers to match them are rare. Which is a pity for the 200 or so travelers who booked a return trip to Gatwick this evening on BA2236 – and the crew and house staff are set to return for Christmas Eve ahead of the family celebration.

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However, they finally arrived in Sussex late on Saturday, after spending Christmas in the hotel rooms of the airport waiting for the news.

After what seemed like a 50-hour delay, many passengers told me, for a long time, about communication failure during the event.

British Airways is, to your credit, fully responsible. A spokesman said: “Obviously we have failed at this time, so we apologize without any plans.” Passengers are reimbursed for aircraft, over ofin 520 legal compensation which must not be paid.

That included 100 hotel rooms in San José for two nights, and the cost of a new wind turbine for a Boeing 777 operating several hundred times that for Vauxhall Corsa, British Airways damage must be close to £ 1m.

The airline, however, deserves praise for providing innovative solutions to the crisis at its worst in terms of emotional impact to passengers and pilots.

His plan was like this: two planes were scheduled to depart on Christmas Eve from Gatwick to Jamaica: one to the capital, Kingston, the other to Montego Bay International Airport.

Engineers at Gatwick collect the stored glass on the back of the boat, which enters itself.

Both planes are scheduled to return from Jamaica at night. But with at least half of the December 24 flight to Gatwick, British Airways estimates that the Kingston flight could be diverted via Montego Bay, 84 miles near the other end of the island, to take passengers to Gatwick.

Montego Bay Airlines, meanwhile, will continue its two-hour flight southwest of Jamaica to San José. Passengers will board the plane, as the damaged Boeing engineers are ready to take it home empty-handed.

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Something went wrong with the Jamaica-Costa Rica airline. The flight attendants worked for a few hours, which gave them an additional 24 hours. They deserve pity – as the airline did.

The Scottish Prime Minister has urged people to stay home as soon as possible in the next two weeks, including New Year’s Day, as record numbers test for quality one day in the country.

“The future will not be easy,” said Nicola Sturgeon, urging people to get vaccinated and test themselves regularly to help limit Omicron Covid’s spread.

“Stay home now more than usual and reduce your interactions as much as possible, especially with Hogmanay,” he said.

Ms Sturgeon warned that “if you visit public places, limit the number of houses in your area, to three, put a screen over city trains and shops, and during the tour, ”Ms Sturgeon warned. Ms Sturgeon warned, advised. people to make sure their lives are safe. masks cover the nose and mouth.

Mrs Sturgeon added that Hurricane Omicron was accelerating and that the number of infected people increased by 47 percent.

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A further 15,849 cases were reported on Tuesday, one day in the outbreak to date, and 80 more people are in hospital than Tuesday.

Regarding the hospital, he said there are other reasons for optimism, possibly with fewer lives for people who need treatment at the hospital than before.

But he said he expects a big increase in the coming months. “We need to be careful for at least two more weeks,” he said, adding that an increase in the number of people in need of Covid hospital treatment in England could indicate what is coming in Scotland.

He also announced new sanctions, which will last until at least January 17, including restrictions on major events such as the Hogmanay festival, table work in bars and restaurants, a mile between different groups and night rest.

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Given the speed and scale of transmission now, it is important that we continue to be careful with limiting social interactions for a while, as we learn more about the potential impact of this impact with the end. Development plan, ”the Prime Minister added.

“New security measures for visitors, public places and things I planned last week are currently working.”

For indoor events, the number of people is limited to 100; for indoor seats, 200; and for outdoor events it is 500.

Larger Omicron shipments, risks from trips and requests on emergency services all increase boundaries on conference size, Ms Sturgeon said.

Sister Sturgeon also urged people to get jabs boosts as soon as possible.

He said no decision had been made on whether to separate or limit the requirements for senior staff in major projects, adding that ministers expected to reach an agreement next week, with any changes to be made. start operations from 5 January.

But coronavirus testing will be important to specialized personnel with test supplies and control capabilities “under pressure,” he said.

However, conservative Scottish leader Douglas Ross has called for changes to the privacy laws, accusing Ms Sturgeon of negligence.

Referring to a study showing that Omicron is more advanced but the side effects are less, Mr Ross asked why the decision was not made.

He said local colleagues should be able to reduce isolation from 10 to 7 days with two negative PCR tests.

At the same time, Ms Sturgeon has given Scottish businesses a m 100m package to support them by preventing the spread of Omicron.

Public transport in Scotland will cost 16 million; 27m trade culture market will be provided; £ 32m will be provided for guests and sports, and £ 5m for nightclubs that need to be closed.

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“There is no easy trade-off between security and the economy,” he said.

“This is a very difficult new year, but despite the new challenges we face, I truly believe, especially because of immunization, in 2022 it will be much better.”