Roddy resigns as Charlton Technical Director to join Fifa

GED RODDY has resigned as Charlton’s Chief Technology Officer after 14 months to play a key role at Fifa.

From January 1, she will take charge of Fifa’s global talent development program, which she plans to launch. Roddy moved to Charlton in October 2020 and was the first general manager of the Thomas Sandgaard era.

The 58-year-old was hired as the University’s state-of-the-art programmer, where he launched and created the Most Valuable Athletes Act during his eight years at the club, where he served as youth director and then to become the Director of Football Development.

Roddy, who was awarded the MBE in 2000 for his contribution to sporting events in the UK, told TGG: “While I want to work in Charlton, I cannot leave the world with Fifa.”

Speaking to the club’s website he added: “I had a wonderful time in Charlton, I love working with the staff, the actors, Thomas and knowing the fans, who have important in this team.

“Charlton was empty before he received Thomas and we were able to build on many of the amenities he needed. The club is living happily ever after with Johnnie the great manager and the great project by Karen Hills and her team is doing.

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“I can also provide support in many areas and I hope to see the team continue to improve.”

Sandgaard adds: “Ged did a lot of important work while he was in the garden, and as we look forward to a better future, I am sure we will see more of the area because it will help us. future work. ”

Following Roddy’s departure, Steve Gallen was appointed Charlton’s Recording Director, while his son, Martin Sandgaard, was the Director of Research.

Gallen joined Addicks in 2017 and will “focus on recruiting and managing the type of players that will help the team grow.”

Martin Sandgaard has been in Charlton since coach Nigel Adkins left office in October and will oversee football departments. He has no previous experience in football, having worked with his father Zynex Medical for the last 14 and a half years.

His most recent position with Zynex Medical was as a Product Development Manager

Club owner Thomas Sandgaard said: “Steve Gallen has done a great job for this team and he has a great network in the company. He is the best manager I know and he is a real asset to the team.

“Data analysis is an important part of football and we have great staff in the field to help with that. Martin has been in Charlton for more than two months, overseeing how we do things, and has forged a good working relationship with manazarta.

“The group sees the impending opposition and plays a key role in helping to recruit our musicians. The team has a world to study 12,000 artists, which will be crucial in identifying artists who will help us now and in the future.

“As mentioned in the summer, we don’t just rely on analysis in recruitment, it’s important to enjoy the player as an individual and see them in action to make sure they deserve the team. “Martin will work shoulder to shoulder, and learn from Steve Gallen and both will report directly to me.”

Former CHELSEA striker John Terry is returning to the club as a contact who will include “next coach and coach” at their University.

The 41-year-old, who will be working with young actors and coaching staff at Cobham, “shares a wealth of experience from his 20-year career and has been an assistant coach at Aston Villa in the past. -after. ”

Chelsea said: “As well as providing training at the venue, our former club president will engage in training discussions with colleagues, college players and parental support. He will take part in part-time work early next month.

“This flexibility is beneficial to both John and the University, as it allows him to continue to improve his coaching skills along with other agreements, taking advantage of the gaps in our development plan.”

Youth Development Director Neil Bath said: “We are delighted to welcome John to Cobham in a way that will involve the training and leadership of future talented young people at our University.

“Not to mention that John’s experience in the game, as a world-class player and soon as an assistant coach in the Premier League, will be invaluable to everyone at home. He will be a great mentor to our technicians. and a great asset to our coaching staff. We cannot wait for it to begin. ”

Terry joined Chelsea at the age of 14 and has made 717 appearances for the club – more than 500 of which he is a leader. He has won 17 competitions including five Premier League titles and the Champions League.

WILE West Ham midfielder Kenny Brown has returned to the club as head coach for the Under-9 and Under-14s.

Brown left Millwall, where he coached for six years, and officially began working with the Hammers on Jan. 4. West Ham’s first division, which finished eighth in the TGG High School for 2020/21, divides the cultural landscape into two.

While Brown will be in charge of the 9s to 14s, Kalam Mooniaruck will be in charge of the 15s to 18s. Mooniaruck took over in October 2018 as Head of Academic Development, having previously been the Head Coach in the Football Association for five and a half years.

Brown was born in Barking and played for West Ham from 1991 to 1996. He was a professional coach, who was the University Director at Dagenham and Redbridge, the first coach at Barnet and the manager of the club with Barry Town.

Damian Matthew will replace him as head coach at Millwall. After playing professional football with Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Burnley, Matthew turned to training.

The 51-year-old is the first-team coach at Charlton, the assistant coach at Southend United and, most recently, the U18 coach at RG Punjab FC in India.

EWAN SHARP joins Ralf Rangnick at Manchester United as manager / analyst.

Scot joined Lokomotiv Moscow, where he is also a coach, brought in by Rangnick two months ago as Director of Sports and Development.

Sharp also worked under the German – who was United’s interim manager until the end of the season – during his time as Performance Manager at the New York Red Bulls. Sharp is currently working with new United assistant Chris Armas – and in Toronto.

Rangnick is a big fan of the Coach / Manifesto, which is the most popular on the Continent than it is in England.

Anderlecht Performance analyst Richard Bredice recently told TGG: “You are now seeing a new coaching role, which has become very popular. You get someone who studies but spends a lot of time on grass and beauty. ”

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Newcastle United recently appointed Mark Leyland, former Liverpool manager of Post Analysis, for the role, while Steve Rands played for Nottingham Forest under manager Steve Cooper.

Rangnick is keen to support the situation at United in the wake of the recent violence. Michael Carrick retired after 15 years as a player and coach earlier this month, while his assistants Kieran McKenna and Martyn Pert continued to join Ipswich Town last week.

Carrick and McKenna in particular work shoulder to shoulder with Research Director Paul Brand and are always mic’d him over the weekend.

10. Solskjaer first 100 days at Manchester United

Writer and director Phil Denton spent three hours with Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, with the Norwegian spending the first 100 days at Old Trafford.

Finally, Solskjaer’s season ended with the purchase of the bag, but not before he helped the team rediscover its culture and values.

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9. Geir Jordet: The purpose of Antivirus is almost more than a meter

Professional Geir Jordet has some of the world’s first instructions on the subject – head and body exercises performed by a player before practicing soccer.

During TGG’s Big Data Webinar, Jordet outlined a two-year research project on protein – and stressed that review time is as important as frequency.

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8. Lee Johnson: Snus ‘big problem’ in football

In October, Sunderland manager Lee Johnson warned of the dangers of snus, a nonsmoking cigarette that is popular with smokers.

Johnson described snus as “a big problem in football,” adding that “it is sad to see and in my opinion it is very good to keep working.”

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7. Why did Southampton change the model of Head Coach and Vice President

In June, TGG launched One Man Webinar, and one of the speakers at Southampton Football Director Matt Crocker.

During a good introductory presentation he explained why the Saints College removed the Pioneer / Assistant Model model, instead replacing them with the Sports Coach and Human Development Coaches.

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6. New appointments signify a change of direction for the Palace

The development of one man is one of our main themes of this year, and he is at the forefront in this field, with the reorganization of the first team at Crystal Palace following the appointment of Patrick Vieira as coach.

The focus is now on young actors and development, with Said Aigoun (pictured) appointing Coach Development and Kristian Wilson, a former Technical Development coach in Manchester, as his first coach.

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5. Barry stayed at Chelsea after leaving Tuchel

Anthony Barry, 35, has emerged as one of the most trained players in English football in recent years. He joined Chelsea as first-team coach under Frank Lampard in August 2020, having previously spent three years as an assistant at Wigan.

In January, TGG unanimously announced that Barry was living at Chelsea under new manager Thomas Tuchel after replacing him at Fleetwood Town.

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4. How FC investigation helped De Bruyne sign a new Man City deal

Another important issue for us in 2021 is data science. In April, it was revealed that Kevin De Bruyne had used the FC Analytics service as part of his negotiations with Manchester City over a new four-year contract.

The data analysis company publishes a report on past, present and future activities and its importance to the organization, as well as the payroll. This shows that it does not pay much compared to the average global warming.

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3. Carlos Cuesta: Coach focuses on Arsenal individuals

Spain international Carlos Cuesta may be only 25 years old, but he has a Uefa Pro license, speaks six languages ​​and has Atletico Madrid, Juventus and Arsenal on his CV.

Mikel Arteta is currently Arsenal’s assistant and is working specifically on personal development. This article explains exactly what you are doing – and why it is so important at Emirates.

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2. 2020/21 University Study Terms

This year we have restored our University facilities after three years. The survey was conducted by Josh Schneider-Weiler in the list of England’s qualifying players who have played at least one game in their 2020/21 season.

In addition, Manchester United are at the top of the table – with some impressive results in some areas.

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1. Man City sign to be the best data

And there you have it, the best reading history of 2021. In January, it was revealed that Manchester City are planning to meet again with a major breakthrough in information technology as they continue their hand race against Liverpool.