SC’s B4 Development makes giant strides in 2021

Doha: Two major events were planned last year for Development B4: Qatar’s World Cup preparations against COVID-19.

Earlier this year, B4 development tests were carried out during the Qatar 2020 FIFA Club World Cup, with the aim of further recycling and reducing waste.

Special reminders at the stadiums helped reduce litter by 18%, while call-to-action increased the use of recycled box enthusiasts by 12.5%. Other experiments were measured and increased motivation to contribute to the development of character and the development of lovers, which continued to be the main focus of the contributions made during the Arab Spring, which took place in Qatar from November 30 to March.

The B4 development was established in 2016 by the Board of Trustees – the Qatar 2022 World Cup planning body – as the first group of behaviors and nudge in the Arab world.

One of the main goals of B4 development is to support a number of competitive issues with integration factors, such as transportation and recycling. The venue will help Qatar deliver the best air quality to the millions or visitors that the country expects to welcome during the competition, said Dr. Fadi Makki, B4 Development Director.

Importantly, this is the first time that natural sciences will be used during major events such as the World Cup. After that, the B4 development project will provide valuable lessons for future host countries, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico, which will host the next 2026 World Cup.

The team will continue to work side by side with football for a marvel development program to enhance the impact of its programs – operating in more than a dozen countries around the world. In particular, it will incorporate ethical strategies into every aspect of the project, which aims to empower young people, promote inclusion and promote a healthy lifestyle. The amazing staff of this era has seen how nudges can play a role in delivering these programs and making them more effective for thousands of people around the world.

The development of B4 also hopes to increase cooperation with the Qatar Public Health Center (MOPH) in 2022. This year, the group worked with MOPH to increase immunization rates and encourage people to follow you. reduce COVID-19. Numerous tools have been used and tested. For example, it has succeeded in reducing the suspicion of immunization by updating public perceptions of socially relevant policies by supporting immunization. The development of B4 also tested, with great success, the role that other tools play in reducing skepticism, including the role of apostles and emotional appeal.

He recently started supporting MOPH through his partnership with the World Health Organization to make the next World Cup a right to be physically and mentally fit and a role model to ensure future sports events are healthy and safe.

In particular, in 2021, the strength of writing for those critical to the B4 Development Plan. The association helped the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government to integrate the MindLab Behavioral Sciences Department into the Finance Department. It also supports the institutional departments of organizational structure and writing – as well as an important place to spread the power of natural sciences throughout the region.

In November, the launch of the new BX Arabia conference was part of a larger B4 development goal of spreading the understanding of nature to a wider audience. The event also brought together leading experts in behavioral sciences and online journalism to hundreds of audiences.

As the world moves toward a ‘new culture’ following COVID-19 infection, B4 development also hopes to focus on mental health services.

The international community needs special support and focus in this area, by solving complex issues. There is no doubt that behavioral issues stand in the way of people seeking help – and B4 will lead to tests to address this.

Finally, B4 will continue to develop partnerships with local and international organizations, including UN agencies, schools, and voluntary organizations – particularly those focusing on the southern hemisphere. The group has many lessons to share with colleagues and others. Many publications and events, such as BX Arabia, will continue to support this topic.

In short, B4 Development expects to work hard as it continues to make an impact on biological sciences in Qatar, regionally, and globally.

Doha: Photographer in Qatar has won international recognition for his portrayal of the country’s preparations for the upcoming FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Ajeesh Puthiyadath, an IT engineer from the Indian state of Kerala, developed a passion for photography after arriving in Qatar for work.

Photographer Ajeesh Puthiyadath

“Street photography says something about life. It is full of emotions or gives us light, which makes me happy to take unexpected moments out of everyday life to make a meaningful picture,” he said.

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Recently, Ajeesh was recognized at the International Street Photography Awards Paris (PISPA 2021) as a Major Winner in the Department of Roads and Architecture.

“I am saddened by this success as I take every confidence as a great achievement,” he said.

The winner of the World Cup is the capital of Qatar, Doha. The painting, titled “The City on the Shoulders”, highlights the strength of human resources as an important factor in writing the best things about the city.

“The picture clearly shows ‘nothing can be done in this world without human action.’ It appears.

Ajeesh has also won numerous awards over the past few years, including the year of the Qatar Cultural Heritage Award in 2019 and several international awards in 2020. So far now, his works are on display in Qatar, Washington, New York, Minneapolis. from Delhi.

Commenting on his interest in art, Ajeesh said: “I approached the street without any planning,” I felt very comfortable. This feeling is the first. The key to continued photography on the street. ”

Doha: The Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani presided over the UN General Assembly in Amiri Diwan.

To combat Covid-19 virus, and in the health and safety of all members of the community, the Council decided the following:


1) It is now necessary to wear masks in all places that cover the eyes, except for people who exercise in public.

2) Continue to allow meetings, demonstrations and events in accordance with the following:

A) The fire rate does not exceed 75% in open fields.

B) Strength should not exceed 50% in closed areas, if 90% of participants fully immunize and it is necessary for those who have not completed or received antibiotics to perform an Antigen Rapid or PCR test which Ma Ministry of Public Health approved.

In all cases, prior approval from the Department of Public Health is required prior to any meeting, demonstration or event.

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Second: Consideration will be given to the health standards, procedures, safety measures and controls set by the Public Health Center.

Third: The Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Public Health, and other government agencies – each on its own – take appropriate measures to ensure compliance with health standards and safety measures. and protective measures.

Fourth: These rulings will take effect on Friday, December 31, 2021, until further notice.

Doha: The Ministry of Public Health has announced that there is strong medical evidence that COVID-19 immunization has started to decline six months after the second phase of approved immunization. Qatar, to ensure public health and safety, changed the dose of Covid-19 vaccine from 12 months to 9 months after the second half.

The change took effect on February 1, 2022 and means that people of the second phase of the Covid-19 solution of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna or AstraZeneca will be more than 9 months old on February 1, 2022 will consider they have not been vaccinated and will lose their gold. frame. (vaccination) situation on Ehteraz. The availability of strong antibiotics will restore their Gold frame rate for an additional 9 months.

Following the discovery of the first Omicron cases in Qatar, in addition to the increase in new cases of COVID-19 in the last two months, the Company warns that this is an important moment in the fight against the virus and it is important in essence. . that all eligible members in the community receive their ad protection without delay. The government says recent research has shown an increase in doses to be effective in preventing a strong impact on the Omicron and other diffusers.

People have been vaccinated for the second time more than six months ago, and to date, more than 240,000 have been vaccinated safely in Qatar, with no major reports being reported.
The Ministry of Public Health has also announced that it is stepping up its national COVID-19 immunization program by opening a Qatari immunization center – for business and industry in Bu Garn.

The new facility will open on Sunday, January 9, 2022 and offer COVID-19 vaccine to major retailers and industry professionals and is the result of a partnership between the Hamad Medical Corporation, and the Center. Primary Health Care, with support from the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and ConocoPhillips-Qatar.
The company will be able to control up to 30,000 doses of the vaccine each day, including the most effective controlled vaccines. The first and second doses will also be given to appropriate people.

The Bu Garn Vaccination Center will operate on an appointment basis, with no appointments. The COVID-19 immunization unit was established to support the appointment process at the immunization center.

Companies are encouraged to contact the Department and arrange immunization appointments for their qualified employees by

Vaccines are also available at all primary health care facilities.