Senate Democrats scramble after parliamentarian rejects immigration plan

WASHINGTON – Democrats in the Senate on Friday attacked the safety of millions of immigrants under the Best Builders Act despite lawmakers deciding that the language did not follow regulations.

Nevada Democrats have urged party leaders to push hard for action in the $ 2 trillion budget, which currently stands in the Senate, as a result of ongoing negotiations between Senator Joe Manchin, DW.V., and the White House. total. pricing. mathematics.

Voting on the bill is not expected until next year.

Democrats are looking at a bill to increase social programs as a vehicle for implementing behavioral reforms that have failed to improve in recent years. They are also overseeing procedures for incorporating work permits and other protections into the Opt Out Return Act.

“We need to follow every option,” Sen. Ben Ray Lujan, D-N.M., Told reporters Friday.

Democrats have rallied on how to continue the negotiations.

These include long-term residency for those with Temporary Protection status, work permits for undocumented immigrants who have lived and worked in the United States for the past decade, and citizenship status for so-called dream, brought here on the contrary from childhood.

Nearly 6.5 million immigrants will be eligible, including about 120,000 in Nevada, according to the U.S. Census.

Democrat leaders are considering whether to challenge congressional legislation and maintain the language at a $ 2 billion budget to expand health and education programs and those facing climate change. Expenses will be reduced by raising taxes on companies and donors.

“We do not agree with the Senate’s interpretation of our decision, and we will pursue all means to achieve civic success in the Build Back Better Policy,” Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev., In a joint statement. from lawmakers including Chief Justice Chuck Schumer, DN.Y.

Republicans are united in their opposition to the Reform Act, which they have called “expenditious spending” on programs that benefit Democrats and the need to advance Communist policies. .

The legislators’ decision is a major setback to the inclusion of moral reform in a social order document that can be passed with a simple majority in both chambers and without Republican support.

Democrats agree that the amendment bill would make it harder for the Senate to pass an election and plan a 60-vote election to break the law and pass the law.

Lujan said directors are looking at ways in which behavior management can continue to be part of the Build Back Better initiative.

“This is still on the table, and there is still time to explore many of these options,” Lujan said.

Democrats in Nevada expressed frustration with the decision by the Senate on Thursday. Democrats Dina Titus, Susie Lee and Steven Horsford supported the proposals in Congress and demanded that the Senate approve them.

Representative Mark Amodei, R-Nev., Has supported some anti-corruption proposals in the past, but has joined Republicans in opposing the Build Back Act on Democracy and tax policy and priorities.

Essentially, the provisions of the law will allow immigrants arriving before 2010 to apply for a two-year work permit and travel without fear of departure. They must be under background and protected in order to be eligible.

Dreamers, undocumented immigrants brought here as children, can continue to serve in the military. Democrats are proposing to give them a chance to become citizens.

Thursday’s hearing was the third time the Senate has ruled that the proposals are not valid and that they have been enacted under the rules of procedure to enact the procedure that will follow.

Before the Clark County Council approved the relocation of the cannabis store to southwest Las Vegas storefront in early November, a resident tenant expressed dissatisfaction with their new neighbor.

As the owner of a jiu-jitsu theater for children, Andre Almeida said he did not think the venue would be good. Parents of students at the military academy have heard this, he told councilors during a district council meeting on November 3.

“I don’t think it would be good for us to have a supermarket in front of the school,” Almeida said, noting that he heard about the decision two days ago.

But after the commission allowed the workers to move forward, Almeida turned his attention to the court system.

A lawsuit has been filed

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Summerlin is now seeking a Clark District Court judge to overturn the commission’s decision by barring Zen Leaf Dispensary to turn his business into a supermarket on the southwest corner of Fort Apache and Hacienda Avenue where the school machine also works. .

The school filed a complaint with the agency on Dec. 10, arguing that the department should be banned in public places, where liquor stores sell marijuana within 300 yards of downtown. region. On the one hand, such places are designated under Nevada law as having the primary purpose of providing lives or services for children.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Summerlin is part of a 150-foot movement approved by the ministry and teaches more than 200 children, some up to five years old, according to Almeida and his lawyers.

“(I) would not be foolish to believe that a military training school that taught hundreds of children would not be eligible as a community center,” the court said.

The state government has decided otherwise

But there seems to be a big problem with that argument: the theater did not fit into the definition of community building when the Nevada Cannabis Control Board reviewed the case earlier this year. Steve Gilbert, the company’s health plan manager, wrote to a department representative in March that the agency did not “see any problem” with the proximity of the boarding school and cannabis store, according to the lawsuit.

Local Commissioner Justin Jones gave an example of a council investigation before voting to approve the need for a special use permit for the Leaf Zen Care Center in your area. Jones also introduced to other tenants in the store, which included a tobacco smoke shop, a utility shop, a gas station and a casino with a bar.

“To be honest with me, I had a hard time with the argument that regardless of how an app store attracts different types of people than a smoke store, or a CBD store, or any appliance where our products are design. , ”He said during a November meeting.

School lawyers, however, suggest the Cannabis Control Board is wrong.

Question letter

They said the commission’s findings were not based on “fact-finding and justice.” Instead, they allege that the latter was based on a letter – which was used in a job dispute investigation in February – written by Mica Cipili, which had nothing to do with the Summerlin school and did not allow him to comment on the return.

Cipili, who had previously sold his interest to Gracie Jiu Jitsu Summerlin, erroneously wrote that the provision of recreational activities for children was not the primary reason for the school and that the school had not banned the marijuana store there, according to the court. The petition also states that it is ready to remove the letter.

Tony Celeste, a lawyer representing Zen Leaf Dispensary, told the panel during a November hearing that Cipili was listed as one of two school board members in the state business license record, although school lawyers play says.

“We have contacted the tenant, which is an additional consideration to give in full,” Celeste said, adding that they received word a day before the hearing that Cipili had sold his interest. “So we feel like we have taken the right steps and the right steps to reach it.”

The district and Jones declined to comment Monday on the case, citing their regular practice of not speaking publicly about the case. The only media outlet for the Cannabis Commission was not in office and did not respond to an email request, nor did Gracie Jiu Jitsu Summerlin’s lawyers.

The 3,100-square-foot cannabis store will be located in a new commercial center on a vacant lot, with parking at the dock, according to local data. Local government officials recommended the project, according to local staff reports, noting that the applicant has met long-distance requirements, that there is no list of cannabis stores in the area and that the new location will no longer be a crime.

The major COVID-19 test site in Las Vegas passed more than 1,300 tests last Sunday night, a number nine times more than normal and a sign that demand for testing is increasing with case numbers, according to Clark staff. County on Monday.

Balanced driving and entry into the UNLV parking lot near Paradise Street a total of 150 tests are taking place in the evening, according to Clark County Emergency Management Officer Billy Samuels. The site is able to expand the operational capacity of 500 tests using the remainder of the test from the time of initial requests etc. to the local fire department including the university and the Las Vegas Police Department for assistance with traffic. Staff also spent an hour beyond the normal closing time, he said.

However, some people waited 2½ hours for the test, said Samuels, a firefighter assistant.

The number of Sundee test days is “such a case that, obviously, we do not want to fly guns and staff over 1,400 tests” in the next two days without first seeing any conditions, he said. The site was closed at UNLV last week, which may have raised some concerns.

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The state, state and Southern Nevada Department of Health will review test data earlier this week to determine whether they need to expand sites or extend hours in existing locations, he said.

COVID-19 ions are increasing in Clark County, state and national population, an increase attributed in part to omicron variations, the diffusion pressure of the protein. Diversity represents about 31 percent of genetic cases diagnosed by the Southern Nevada Department of Health a week and a half ago, said Cassius Lockett, director of monitoring and disease control.