Senate parliamentarian rejects Democrats’ immigration amnesty provisions in Build Back Better Act

Senator Elizabeth MacDonough on Thursday evening rejected the amnesty offer of the Democrats of Biden’s Build Back Better Act, which prompted Capitol Hill party leaders to resign.

Senate Democrat leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, in a statement released Thursday evening, said: “Citizenship is the law of good country.” ”

“Through the mediation process, we have worked to ensure that reform is not considered as an important issue. Many Americans support our efforts to legislate for millions. Pay for services, let our economy grow , and improving the lives of all Americans, ”he said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has vowed that she and Democrats will continue to provide citizenship to immigrants on the contrary.

“The decision of the commission is very sad,” he said. “Legal protection for undocumented immigrants in the Best Builders Act has been a major concern for Democrats and the United States – and we will continue to look at any options. perhaps to do so.

“Immigrants make America better than America: the prosperity of our country, the darkness of our economy and the rejection of our country, the courage and determination to succeed on the coast. Most Americans support the Democrat reform agenda.” There is a broken moral system. and provide legal status to undocumented immigrants. ”

Pelosi also said Democrats will continue to work with President Biden and Democrats in the Senate to ensure the legal protection that immigrants receive is needed.

Democrats oppose more drastic provisions in the Democrat budget, which they are trying to pass without a GOP vote in the 50-50 Senate. Budget reforms are not under the control of the legislature.

“This guide also reaffirms, what everyone already knows – that forgiveness for millions of illegal immigrants is not a matter of budget and reconciliation,” Sen. Chuck Grassley, a Republican politician on the Senate Judiciary Committee. “It simply came to our notice then.

“The proposed efforts of the extremist extremist policy to reform are by avoiding communication between both parties and the opposition. The approval of these measures on the basis of the party’s election will once again set a bad example. the importance of the Senate as a legislature requiring debate, consultation, and agreement to develop important political consultations in the legislature. ”

The congressional hearing about that were exactly where the January 6 attack on the Capitol took place.

The commission did not seek hundreds of pages from the National Security Agency, but, according to CNN, “the documents did not help, either.”

Congress on that is right where the congressional hearing on that is coming.

In the first report submitted to the commission, Biden’s administration argued that the information contained during the Trump administration was not relevant to the commission’s findings.

The demand is not completely covered, however. White House Biden plans to release more than 700 pages of documents related to Jan. 6 under then-President Donald Trump, according to CNN.

“President Biden recognizes that the legislature has strong interests, for the functions of its legislature, to understand the conditions that lead to violence,” Su wrote in a letter to the commission.

“Documents approved by the Electoral Commission do not appear to be in line with the White House’s intentions or response to the January 6 incident, or to any. Attempt to reduce elections or impede peaceful change,” he said.

Executive interests were in dispute during the January 6 congressional hearing.

Former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows was jailed earlier this month for refusing to comply with a congressional call, which he said violated the executive order.

Business leaders in West Virginia are backing Senator Joe Manchin (DW.V.) ‘s decision to vote against President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Bill by commenting on the attacks. reach their territory.

Last week, actress Bette Midler called the West Virginians “owners, unclean and unknown.” Some celebrities came in, they were biting.

The media published a commentary on Manchin’s “no” vote, describing him as a local hero.

For example, a New Yorker article last week wrote that critics described Manchin as a “Washington oligarchy” and a “disgrace” to those trying to escape poverty.

A CNBC article referred to a single West Virginia native who did not like Manchin’s decision. “I’m very sorry,” JoAnna Vance, licensee and Build Back Better, told the store, adding, “If it does not support us and we do not accept, it will hurt. And many Westerners. Virginia – not just West Virginia residents, people all over the country.

West Virginia Chamber of Commerce chairman Steve Roberts told Fox News Digital that he “supported” Sen.’s opposition. Manchin for Background Building. Roberts called the media against “ridiculous.”

Since Manchin’s announcement that he would not support Build Back, Roberts said he has received numerous phone calls and emails from West Virginia business people who support the vote “no”. Some even told Roberts that Manchin “should work for the president.”

Roberts said he saw through “perfect voting” that a majority of West Virginia residents supported Manchin. Apparently, the audience received some angry emails from people living outside West Virginia but were upset by Manchin’s decision.

“Someone called us all ‘red-haired mountains’ and said he would never drive in our state again,” Roberts said.

“We know that the media has posted people here and they will be interviewing people who they think are only related to their ideas,” he said.

“Senator Manchin is doing the right thing for West Virginia and the United States,” Rebecca McPhail, chair of the West Virginia Producers Association, told Fox News Digital.

“From chain supply to staff shortages, to increased costs of goods and services, West Virginia businesses are struggling. These are fast-growing businesses to respond in response to COVID, ”McPhail said. “Increasing taxes for small businesses to pay for large-scale programs in the system will restore their ability to recover and compete in the global economy.”

He added: “These huge sums of money seem to be designed to upset the American people – some cases have become cry for help and everyone expects to ignore the hidden reasons behind a policy. ” listen to it.

Reporter Carol Miller (RW.V.) told Fox News Digital, “Joe Manchin heard us screaming because we spoke Western Virginia, not independent activists in New York City and California.”

Senate President Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., Asked Kerik to talk about his work with former President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani after the 2020 election with a focus on January 5 and 6.

Kerik’s lawyer, Timothy Parlatore, wrote a letter to Thompson stating that his client decided to share documents he deemed inappropriate. In the past came Kerik public opinion, rather than private storage. Thompson rejected the proposal and threatened Kerik calls “in private.”

Parlatore’s letter outlines several issues facing the commission, including mid-term elections and the replacement of Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

“Based on the recent incident of Senator Adam Schiff introducing changes to the text messages from Mr. Meadows, I would like to avoid such an environment of selected sections of documents presented without status. My goal is to provide the product through delivery. A way for everyone and members of the media to participate, “Parlatore wrote.

“Your committee is not expected to understand the mid-term elections,” Palatore said. Exit polls suggest Republicans hoping to dominate Parliament next week is over within a year.

Parlatore added: “As I said before, Mr. Kerik is pleased to provide all the necessary documents, and to sit down and answer all the relevant questions on these matters.”

U.S. voters hire to defeat COVID-19, President Joe Biden resigns in major and minor ways as the disease erupts in its third year leading up to the Omicron controversy.

Biden’s opposition is growing on both sides of the political spectrum as critics question the country’s ability to fully test the building material and the Prime Minister’s surprise announcement on Monday that a common solution to COVID will not be found. -19 ba.

“That is not what you are campaigning for. It is not,” Trump campaign manager Tim Murtaugh said on his Twitter account.

Former Hillary Clinton adviser and independent activist Peter Daou adds: “NEWS: Biden has stopped.”

The report increased on Tuesday when the Centers for Disease Control announced the U.S. had set a one-day record for new cases of COVID-19, including 441,278. The number broke the previous record of 294,015 set last January, before the introduction of vaccines.

The 46th president did not fall on his knees, but changed his message, pointing out that the states are better equipped to deal with the current Omicron crisis.

And with his court safety measures in place, Biden is also banking on his new idea to send 500 million COVID-1 emails in a free home test to US homes in January.

However, there are few home tests across the country, critics say.

States such as Ohio and New Hampshire, which offer free home COVID testing, completed within hours, NPR said. The Philadelphia Department of Public Health canceled the test grant last week after it was terminated earlier, according to WHYY. Pharmacies across the country also have a limited supply of home testing.

Biden told ABC’s David Muir in an interview released last Thursday that he did not believe the lack of tests was a “failure” of his government.

“I don’t think it was a failure,” he said. “You could argue that if we had known a year ago, six months ago, two months ago, a month ago.”

“I would have thought of ordering 500 million tests at home two months ago,” he added.

In an interview with the League of Governors on Monday, Biden said, “There is no solution from the federal government. That is the determination at the state level. ”

His comments came after NGA President Arkansas Gov. Culture Hutchinson (R), urged the President to prevent the federal government from interfering in state efforts to fight COVID.

Hutchinson said, “One issue of concern or encouragement to your organization is that, as you look at ways to provide federal solutions that will help address these challenges, make sure we do not ignore federal measures. can disrupt state decisions. , ”Said Hutchinson. “Providing 500 million emergency tests to be distributed by the federal government is a good thing, but it clearly dries up the resources that can be provided as governors.”

Prominent Republicans have also criticized Biden for retiring from his campaign promises to “kill the virus.”

Gov. Florida Gov.

“What a difference in a year,” Pushaw captioned the video.

What is the difference between ọdun— Christina Pushaw 🐊 (@ChristinaPushaw) December 27, 2021
The GOP released a video on Monday of Biden, calling him a “hypocrite.”

“Joe Biden said he would kill the virus. Now after a year of failing to do so, he says there is no federal solution for COVID. Joe Biden is a hypocrite,” a GOP Twitter account said.

Joe Biden said he would cover the protein. Now after a year of failing to do so, he says there is no federal solution for COVID. Joe Biden is a hypocrite.— GOP (@GOP) December 28, 2021
Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark) tweeted, “When Joe Biden says ‘there is no federal solution,’ he is trying to avoid opposition to his incompetence. If you really believe, you should repeal the illegal order of federal government.