Strike 3 For Democrats In The Senate Hopes Dim For Immigration Reform

Despite their power in the Senate and Senate, Democrats are divided over their efforts to reform the U.S. electoral system as part of a parliamentary inquiry into the House. Senator Elizabeth MacDonough ruled that Democratic nominees, including moral reform, did not comply with Senate rules. His ruling put an end to the Third Democracy’s attempt to redress what many Americans consider to be a corrupt system. The Senate plans to pass a bill in a bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on November 19, 2021, which could release hundreds of thousands of green cards that previous governments failed to use. which gave them current immigrants caught on passports. back. President Biden has vowed to continue the fight, according to Illinois Democrat Sen. Richard J. Durbin, a staunch supporter of racism.

Some political leaders are happy
Some political leaders are pleased with the ongoing reform process. For many Republicans, moral reform is creating more moral problems on the southern border and imposing sanctions on those in the country is not the beginning. For Democrats, the Biden administration’s failure to address the plight of 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country, the DACA issue, efforts to revive Trump’s “Die in Mexico” policy and fierce opposition to the government for Diverse Visa Applicants who have successfully won federal court cases requiring the government to issue them with immigration documents, are just a few examples of the process that has taken place.

System Correction
Many conservative activists believe there is a need to reconsider the best way to push for decentralization, especially in the hope that Republicans will return to Parliament next year. They are increasingly emphasizing state and local policies, especially in areas such as Texas, Ohio and Colorado with new immigrant communities. The failure of the Senate will further exacerbate this process.

According to the Checklist, a US-based advocacy group, “Currently more than 9 million visitors are waiting for their cards, and they are facing delays, low credit cards, and green card programs. which has not been renewed for years. . Thirty years. “In addition, many of these immigrants, who have entered the United States legally, are at risk of deportation by the age of 21. This is called” old age “where the holders Citizenship will not be dependent and therefore they will be self-reliant.for we are forced to find their way to stay in the country legally, or face exodus. living in limbo, always afraid to turn 21, and they are trying to find a way to live in the land.they call home. approx.

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Such a problem is faced by young people whose parents are waiting for their permission to become US citizens. Also, according to Migration Statistics, the estimated waiting period to become a citizen can be as high as 50 years. of the line and start a new application in their names.

Something needs to be done to bring these lines together.

To be honest, according to a recent announcement from the U.S. Department of Labor and Employment Services, the agency has made significant progress in addressing delays in the following ways: reuse screen material for 2.5 million applicants from March 2020; reducing the number of pending contracts from 1.4 million in January 2021 to 155,000 at the end of September; and the complete elimination of “future requirements” of food safety courts (more than 1 million in January 2021 and elimination in July) by expanding staff and more time in Lockbox locations.

A good example of such an approach to the reforms made by the State Department was the recent announcement that the U.S. government had authorized the U.S. Department of State to ignore the demands of foreign visitors for another 50,000 visitors. Here are some welcome news for the kind of guests who were upset by the closure of Covid-19 and Mission last year or so.

While these reform programs are very welcome, they will not be enough to “reform” the US moral system. We need more.

Improving US Labor Performance
Another welcome development is the recent announcement of a new US economy by the U.S. Labor Party – two of the largest U.S. labor advocacy groups, to merge under the auspices of the U.S. Labor Party. Their partnership will work to “expand and protect the rights of immigrants, further ensure the economic potential of immigrants, and help communities living happily,” according to a statement. they beat. The kind of help and advice that such organizations provide is much needed for immigrants in the United States.

Parliament must work
In the end, however, only the Legislature can reform the electoral system and now that the new Senate effort has failed, it seems that the Senate reform will wait until the brightest day. While there has been some discussion about the transformation of MacDonough’s judgment, at this stage, this is somewhat optimistic.

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