What Can You Do With Master’s In Public Health?

So, you are passionate about the health of the society and its individuals, and as a result, you feel that a career in Public Health will suit and match this passion, you are probably right.

Public Health officials are playing major key roles in the world presently especially in this era of COVID-19. There is a whole lot of opportunities available in the health sector globally. Not only in the US.

Getting your Master’s degree in Public Health is a good move on your part as there are quite a number of jobs you can apply for that fits this degree of yours.

In this article, we will be looking at some job options open for you as a person with an MPH degree. We will also be giving you possible yearly salary projections for the United States so that you can have an idea of how much you are capable of earning.

What You Can Do With A Masters Degree In Public Health

A Master’s in Public Health will help you to become one of the leaders who are innovative enough and with a deep perspective, insight and understanding into the realities that patients, health practitioners and government/policy makers face.

You will also be equipped with the know-how of how to use the emerging technologies and medical knowledge to solve these disparities that the society faces health-wise. Having an MPH alone speaks volume on how much passion the holder has when it comes to solving the health issues that people face. It is a skill based degree.

And because it is skill based there are a number of career paths that holders of a Master’s degree in Public Health can trail.

Let’s take a good look at some of them.

1. Public Health Nurse.

The average salary in a year for a Public Health nurse in the USA is about $58,200 USD yearly. The job is also estimated to grow in the coming years. Public Health Nurses have key roles to play in society’s health welfare.

Public health nurses do not focus on the day to day wellbeing of a patient like the Registered Nurse does. (Registered Nurses are completely different from Public Health Nurses). Rather, Public health nurses focus on educating a group of people, community or social group about related health topics.

Most times, Public Health Nurses work for government agencies, non-profit organisations and healthcare providers. They educate the masses on preventive measures to health issues, discuss and offer suggestions about patient’s problems.

2. Health Informatics Specialist.

The average salary a year for this profession in the US is about 62,600 USD in a year. Health Informatics specialists mostly find themselves working in public health organisations, drug and food administrations, biostatic organisations and governments.

Another name to call Health Informatics Specialist is a Biostatistician. These people analyse health data into statistics and try to find correlation using such data analysed between the lifestyle of people and the health effects that come as a result.

They develop statistical protocols , analyse health databases, master the use of analytics softwares and also use their knowledge of computer systems to collate the health reports.

3. Epidemiologist.

The average salary for an Epidemiologist is about 62,900 per year for the US. You will usually find Epidemiologists employed at places like Pharmaceutical companies, health institutions, government health departments etc.

Epidemiologists try to understand the cause of spread of diseases and work hard to develop treatment solutions to such diseases. Their work is similar to that of the scientist.

They also use their knowledge of Biology, Mathematics and Staistics to monitor and develop reports on epidemics and pandemics.

4. Healthcare Administrator.

The average salary of an Healthcare administrator is about 65,500 a year in the United States. Healthcare Administrators work in places like clinics, government healthcare facilities, hospitals and so on. The work of an Healthcare Administrator is to supervise and guide the overall activities at an healthcare institution and make sure everything goes well for a smooth running of the healthcare.

These people organise and delegate duties to staff and inspect the healthcare institution’s inventory. They also coordinate the budget for the hospital, manage health programs, oversee the supply of healthcare equipments etc.

You can work at any of the above job descriptions if you have a Master’s in Public Health. This Master’s degree is growing in demand every year and has been predicted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to grow by up to 14% by the year 2028. These 4 careers are options you can pursue with your MPH.